Not that we needed a reason, but today’s the perfect day to satiate all our Nutella cravings. We’re celebrating the most mouth-watering food day of the year, World Nutella Day. Nutella as we know it was sold by Ferraro in the 1964, but the origins of the spread can be traced back to the 1800s. This magical combination of hazelnuts and chocolate was first made in the Italian city of Piedmont, where the lack of cocoa compelled confectioners to look for a complementing ingredient. Hazelnuts, which were abundantly available in that area, ended up being mixed with cocoa to make a chocolate paste they called gianduia. Nutella has proved to be such a sensation that American blogger Sara Rosso thought it needed its own special day. And that’s how World Nutella Day came to be observed on 5 February. This year we're telling you how to make this special delight a little extra special. We’ve scouted through Instagram accounts for the most drool-worthy Nutella-filled recipes, so that you can make the most of this creamy hazelnut spread.

Nutella Dream Cake

nutella ultimate cake

If you want to overdose on Nutella, this cake is the perfect way to do it. Here’s the recipe for the ultimate Nutella cake. Also Read: Quick and Easy Microwave Recipes for When You Have a Sugar Craving

Nutella Hot Chocolate

nutella hot chocolate

Here’s a perfect drink to warm up when it’s cold outside. You can find the recipe here.

Nutella And Salted Butterscotch Semifreddo

nutella butterscotch semifreddo

It’s ice-cream and Nutella together, which makes it every dessert lovers’ dream come true. Get the recipe here.

Nutella-Coffee Mousse

nutella coffee mousse

Here’s some creamy Nutella with a hint of coffee made into a delicious mousse. Find the recipe here.

Banana and Nutella Pastry Parcels

nutella pastry parcel

Healthy and delicious, these Nutella pastry parcels are vegan and gluten-free. Here’s how to make this easy treat.

Braided Nutella Bread with Hazelnuts

Braided bread is a breakfast special eaten with Nutella in Switzerland. Here’s the recipe.

Chocolate Nutella Cookie Bars

nutella cookie bar

Enjoy the richness of Nutella with a pinch of sea salt with these cookie bars. Here’s the recipe for it. Also Read: Shades Of Love: Wear Head-to-Toe Red This Valentine’s Day Cover Image Courtesy: