Here's the thing about high street brands - everyone who is anyone shops at the same place, making it difficult to stand out in a sea of clone army. Then there is the added issue of finding something appropriate that could be worn to work without looking like you just stepped out of a teen magazine. Few brands fit this bill, but when they do, you put a ring on it. It just so happens that one such brand is Nuon. 10472779415582 When I first came across Nuon, at the Westside Kala Ghoda store, I thought I had entered Hogwarts' Room of Requirement. Finally, here was a solution to every wardrobe woe that might plague me. From casuals that spoke of the casual-yet-chic style I have been trying to adopt all my adult life to party essentials that would keep both my wardrobe and bank account happy, everything was right here. 10472779579422 If I stop to think about it, Nuon's appeal lies in the fact that the brand has been in my closet from my first internship to my now-stable job, through my early to late twenties. If a brand is affordable, on-trend and size-inclusive (from XXS to XL!) what else would you do but make it your go-to, right? There are options a-plenty to choose from, for both women and men. And this season, the trends and styles they have to offer are just the right mix of relatable and wearable. For example, this off-shoulder white lace crop top is something that belongs on every wishlist. And if you are looking for the perfect Valentine's Day date night outfit, then this polka dotted chambray dress is your safest bet.

If you haven't explored the range already, now is the perfect time. Here's a glimpse of the Nuon collection for the season. What's more? If you're in Delhi (how I wish I was) head to One Golden Mile in RK Puram on February the 12th for the Love Fest. Here, you can watch your favourite fashion bloggers strut their stuff in the brand's hottest new styles and pick a styling tip or two from them. It going to be a carnival of shopping and so much more. Make sure you don't miss it for the world.