Gorgeous lingerie with bits of pretty lace and embellishments are very alluring. In fact, at times I'm susceptible enough to compromise on the right fit and focus on how it looks instead. But, I always find that basic bras with little to no lace are the best intimates that I own. That brings me to introducing you to the one bra every women can swear by - the seamless padded bra. Seamless bras usually feature moulded cups with shaping and support, and are free of seams and stitching. They looks perfect under form-fitting T-shirts, as well as a body con dresses, along with providing great support, which is definitely a win-win!
This bra from Hunkemoller is soon going to be your favourite and here's why - it's designed and lined with an ultra soft knit, making it very comfortable. This padded bra also features under-wire support and offers you full coverage which will give you just the perfect support. If you hate those visible bra seams when you wear a snug dress, this bra is sure to solve the problem. Like this article? Also read: #NowAndWow: The Most Comfortable Kurta Style You Need In Your Wardrobe Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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