Picture this. You wake up your usual sexy self, put on the snazziest pair of sunglasses, your Ed Hardy tee and SWAG cap. You walk into college, you're the hero of your batch you're thinking. And bam! This cute girl you've had a crush on since first semester just slammed the biggest symbol of friendzone on your wrist -- A rakhi. The stuff that nightmares are made off, isn't it. Well, here's a few things that'll help you stay out of the brozone this Rakshabandhan. Or maybe the next one...

Is acid washed denim ruched at the hem like a churidar your wardrobe staple? That explains much.


Put your best foot forward. Us women really notice shoes so make sure you invest in a good pair and steer clear of fakes.


Graphic tees your thing? Make sure you don't look like the graffiti wall on Tulsi Pipe Road. Keep it subtle.


Throw away any cap that says DOPE, SWAG, SEXY and other such adjectives that might describe your personality, but we don't need to announce that do we?


Refrain from using cheesy terms of endearment like baby, sweetie, honey and dear. Especially when the only conversation you've ever had with her is when she asked you for a pen in class.


Don't be a pushover. Are you her shopping buddy, designated driver, bag carrier slash break-up counsellor? Congratulations, you can now successfully join your fellow brothers in the friendzone.

 All gifs via giphy.com