So what if it’s Valentine’s Day and the whole world’s turning into a crimson coloured merry go round, if you are not into celebrating this day, you can stay in and watch these non Valentine’s Day movies in your pjs and chill by yourself, after all self-love is a real thing too. And if you can’t decide which movie to pick that won’t remind you of love and its perils, we’ve got you covered.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
eternal-sunshine-of-the-spotless-mind This movie takes you on a journey with Joel and Clementine as they both attempt to clear their memory and get rid of the heartache. And while you are at it get comfy in these PJs and make yourself a tub of popcorn for a fulfilling movie experience.
The Break-Up
top-movies-to-watch-after-a-breakup-the-break-up Don’t mistake this one as a romance movie, it’s more of a break up film that tells you about all the things that change in a relationship over time.  It’s a comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan as a couple who can’t live with each other anymore. So lounge on your sofa in these pretty PJs and laugh over someone else’s heartbreak with this so-not-romantic movie.
Blue Valentine
379e486c680b6ffebf0cc961aa8fea25 No, don’t go by its name. This movie’s got nothing to do with Valentine’s day in fact it’s an exploration of a deteriorating marriage starring Ryan Gosling. If you think your bad at relationships, go watch this one to feel good about yourself and the superb performances.  And do it in these sexy nightwear that won’t let you feel low about not having a valentine.
How to be Single
how_to_be_single This 2016 release stands quite true to its name and tells you how to do exactly that with a sprinkle of humour. The movie is all about going solo and loving yourself more than anything and making other things priority. Watch it to be proud about your singledom. To enjoy this movie to the fullest get into comfy PJs like this one and gather with your girls to make it an all-girls valentine.  
Bachelorette Although this one revolves around a wedding its far from a love tale. Instead it’s about three crazy bachelorettes and their irresponsible, mean and insane bachelor party that literally ruins the wedding. For all those who ever dreamt of ruining a wedding this one is your dream come true. Watch it in these printed PJs and enjoy some much-deserved me time.
Eat Pray Love
eat-pray-love Yes, the title has love in it but it’s more like self-love that so much more important and long-lasting than romance. Watch the pretty Julia Roberts on her spiritual journey across India and Indonesia and Italy that’s more like a travelogue of sorts that ends up changing her perception of life. Watch this for some hardcore inspiration on life. And here’s the perfect pajamas you can wear while you settle in front of your screen.
unnamed Frozen is an animated film based on a snow queen and the hurdles in her life. It’s a cute movie that tells the story of a fearless princess that sets off with an iceman to find her sister who has been trapped. Rejoice with the princess and her tribe while you watch them cross every hurdle and wish for fairytales to come true. This pajama is the perfect pick for all frozen fans, you can buy it here.  
The Girl on the Train
rehost2F20162F102F32F5a15141a-068e-403b-a23d-2f34fad3550e (1) A gripping thriller drama, the girl on the train is a compelling watch that’s adapted from the book by the same name. The movie is about Rachel a divorced woman who spends her days commuting on the train to often stalk her ex-husband and his new family while she gets obsessed to their neighbours and what unfolds is a mystery you will surely want to know the end of. For a movie like that you have to slip into these PJs.    

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