Gone are the days when pregnant women thought of their nine months of pregnancy as a time of fashion sabbatical. The fashion-forward mom is not shying away from experimenting, taking a few risks and flaunting that bump in style. Case in point: Blake Lively who goes all out in risqué numbers and edgy silhouettes. Mila Kunis on the other hand, promotes the chic, boho look by sporting some super breezy clothing. Contrary to popular belief, the world is your oyster and you can choose to go wild with your clothing during this time. We also have Kareena Kapoor closer home who’s been sporting some pretty cool stuff after announcing her pregnancy. Ace designers speak to us about this rise in non-maternity, non-typical pregnancy wear, and why both celebs and people are not shying away from showing off their baby bumps.

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Celebrate the Bump

Women around the world are celebrating their body—the journey of motherhood is something to celebrate—and thus women are not shying away from something that's magical and beautiful. I for one believe women should embrace their bodies and the baby bumps with fashion that's they love without any inhibitions and restrictions. — Swapnil Shinde

Aniket Satam

Women are celebrating every aspect of their changing bodies and mindsets these days. Because of new and changing mindsets, they are proud of their body like never before. Maternity is now not seen as an excuse but a boon to experiment and flaunt the growing abundant self.Its more about embracing the new found changes in ones body form then hiding in layers or tents. The working mom attitude has taken over the wardrobe choices of both celebrities and non celebrities alike. Rosemary's Baby The iconic maternity style movie, Rosemary’s Baby is the best wardrobe reference ever for mommy to be. A classic shift dress in retro patterns like pinstripes, polka or gingham in summery shades of blue, yellow works brilliantly. A pea coat or a shawl cape coat in solid citrus shade is a must have investment for dull days. Maternity denim in classic indigo with quirky yet cute t-shirt makes a great choice for casual outings. A NEOPRENE, fitted dress in tea length works perfect for romantic dinners. Avoid heels and floor sweeping hems for precautionary measures. Printed wrap dress or peasant tops are a great daytime options too.

Shruti Sancheti

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Pregnancy is a very special time for a woman. However the modern mother to be is different and does not follow the diktats of the previous generation of loose, sloppy and unglamorous clothes. She does not want to compromise her style at even this stage and also has no qualms about flaunting her changing figure or being comfortable with medical issues like swelling etc. The mummy to be wears fitted yet not body hugging silhouettes to look more sharp like sheaths, shifts, A-line dresses, skirts and even her jeans, capris have concealed elastic and are well fitted. The idea is to accept pregnancy as a beautiful phase of life and not being restricted by anything and look and feel their best.



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