If you’re looking for a reason to shed that mane, the timing couldn’t be better than today, October the 18th. Unite with your smooth shaven brothers and mow down that grisly lawn this No Beard Day. But first, get your blades right. Even though electric shavers have been around since the sixties, many men still swear by the smooth shave of a simple razor. Which makes us wonder, aren’t electric shavers a modern invention for the modern man to make life simpler? What is this mystery that surrounds these two types of shaving techniques and why do some people prefer one over the other? Also Read: 5 Essential Grooming Gadgets for Men

For: Manual razors

People who prefer these razors do so because you can get a closer shave than when you use it. However, this also means you need practice when using such razors. A wrong move can cause nicks and cuts. Apart from that using this shaving technique requires a lot of prep. You have to use pre-shave and after shave products which makes shaving a time-consuming activity. Then again, manual razors are affordable, portable and disposable. You can experiment between different brands and types without worrying too much, unlike an electric shaver which is more of an investment you’ll have to stick by.

For: Electric shavers

While speed is the biggest drawback of a manual razor, it happens to be a benefit when using an electric shaver. There’s no prep or use of creams. You can just turn on the shaver and get on with your shave. There’s also minimal cleaning involved. Additionally, shavers also have trimmers attached to them which are super beneficial when lining up beards, unlike manual razors. There’s also a significantly lesser chance of hurting yourself. The downside of using an electric shaver is that you may not get as close of a shave as you can when using a razor. Also, it's a problem if there’s no electricity around to charge your gadget and your battery's all out of juice. Although they’re expensive, they will last you longer. However, if it breaks down, you will have to spend additionally to repair it. Also Read: 5 Men Who’ll Give You New Grooming Goals


There are some distinct differences between these two shaving techniques alright. It all comes down to what you need most. Are you looking for a close shave or a fast one? That’s what will determine your vote. Find more trimmers and shavers here. Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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