Holy mother of sweet baby Jesus, are we excited for this one! Nintendo just announced a new console with a teaser trailer. The Nintendo Switch will be out in March next year and is a hybrid home and portable console. The showcase video makes no mention of the system specs, price and upcoming games apart from the featured ones. But Nintendo promises to reveal more soon, and we’ll keep you posted. For now, here’s all we know about the next Nintendo console.

Powered by Tegra

nvidia tegra Nvidia’s Tegra high-performance mobile processor powers up this hybrid console. Nvidia states, “The high-efficiency scalable processor includes a Nvidia GPU based on the same architecture as the world’s top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards,” Nvidia also mentions that it’s involved in the creation of the “algorithms, computer architecture, system design, system software, APIs, game engines and peripherals.”  

Play it at home

play it on your couch The Nintendo Switch comes with a docking station so you can play on your TV from the comfort of your couch. From The Legend of Zelda to Skyrim, Nintendo Switch promises great graphics for big screens.  

Play it anywhere else

play on the go Why stay put when you can take your game everywhere you go. The Switch is a combined home and portable unit that enables gaming on the go. Now you don’t need multiple consoles like the previous gen Wii U and 3S with separate games. One game, many playable options. Now that, we like a lot.  

Play them in so many ways

play in so many ways There’s a joystick and button on each side of the Switch that can be used in tandem when playing games like Zelda. Detach the controllers, hand one to a friend and you can play a 2 player game like Mario Kart. Add in another Switch or more and play local multiplayer games. There’s also the option of playing with one controller in each hand, similar to playing Wii games with the remote and nunchuk attachments. Add a Joy-Con Grip accessory to create a single controller shaped like a standard gamepad. Or get the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, ideal for a hardcore gaming experience.  

Play them all

Currently, the line-up shown is small but promising. We're excited to see Bethesda’s medieval RPG epic, Skyrim make an appearance. skyrim The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks great and will launch on Wii U as well, but we’d rather check it out the Switch. ledend of zelda Also Read: These 15 Nintendo Games Are Giving Us All Some Serious Blast from The Past Nostalgia There’s an unnamed basketball game which we imagine is probably NBA 2K17. nba 2k 17 Mario Kart 8 is one game we are quite excited for. The new control styles will definitely give Mario Kart a coat of fresh playable paint. mario kart Splatoon, is this a sequel or a straight port of the Wii U’s paint splattering game? Only time and Nintendo will tell. splatoon

Buy ‘em physically and digitally

memory card We are sure that Switch games can be purchased digitally but Nintendo also allows the option of buying games on memory cards. No word on if every game will get a physical release, guess we’ll just have to wait. P.S. There’s also a kickstand. kickstand Cool. Cool cool cool. Cover Image via mashable.com; Images via anandtech.com, vox-cdn.com, ibtimes.co.uk, forbes.com, usathoopshype.files.wordpress.com, assets.vg247.com/, technobuffalo.com, cdn0.vox-cdn.com, ignimgs.com, aolcdn.com, metrouk2.files.wordpress.com, nintendolife.com