A picture’s worth a thousand words. That’s how the saying goes. If you’re the proud owner of the versatile Nikon D500, and are looking to polish your photo-taking skills, you’ve come to the right place. These handy tips below will ensure that you’ll be able to use your DSLR to better effect.

Focus is Important

The new Nikon D500 is a fantastic camera, with a host of new features. This one features a new 153 focus point Advanced Multi-CAM 20K system. If you peek through the viewfinder, you’ll be able to see how much area it covers. Using the massive range available, you can pinpoint precisely the area that you need to focus on as you shoot portraits or landscape shots.

Let There Be Light

Another extremely useful feature on the D500 is the illuminated buttons - you won’t be shooting in the dark when the lights go out indoors, or in pitch darkness on your next wildlife expedition. You can invoke this function by rotating the Power Switch button to the light bulb icon. Also Read: Starter Pack: Go Pro with These Simple Lighting Tips

It’s A Balanced Act

Using the Live View Spot White Balance feature on the Nikon D500, you can review the white balance stats of a particular area in your frame. To access this amazing feature, simply press the WB button and select PRE (Preset manual) setting. Then tap on the area you want to tweak on the Live View screen and you can view the exact WB changes for it.

Shortcuts are Great

Once you’re done shooting and want to review your images/videos, press the OK button and the up arrow on the Multi Selector to jump into the Playback area. This works wonderfully well, especially when you use multiple memory cards. By doing this, you can instantly choose between them and view the content. To quickly access the ReTouch menu, you can also press the OK button and the right arrow of the Multi Selector. Using these shortcuts saves a ton of time when you have to work with a lot of images.

Time for Some Fine Tuning

The Auto AF Fine Tune is a much-awaited feature on this camera. It automatically adjusts AF Fine Tune settings for the attached lens, after achieving focus in Live View. This feature saves a lot of time of the photographer.

Face Time!

This camera sports a stonking new 180K-pixel RGB metering sensor, which when collaborated with EXPEED 5 image processing smarts and the neat AF system, delivers much better AF performance when you need to accurately track the subjects’ faces. It is also useful when you need to recognise/review a plethora of scenes for better metering.

Touchy Subject

This one is a personal favourite. I’ve always loved a good DSLR with a tilting LCD screen. The 3.2” LCD screen on this one is a star when it comes to capturing shots with low angles. The screen is touch-enabled and also lets you engage in additional touch control, including engaging the shutter while you make glorious use of Live View.

RAW Facts

If you love your shots squeaky clean, you will want to shoot in RAW (uncompressed) format. Lucky for you, the D500, has been bestowed with the power to shoot up to 200 shots in RAW. Of course you will need to use the XQD memory card to keep things snappy.

Juice It Up

Using a battery pack not only supercharges your camera’s battery prowess but it also makes your DSLR look like it means serious business. With the new MB-D17 battery grip, you can do just that. After installing this grip, the total number of images you can shoot per charge goes from 1,240 to a ceiling-annihilating 2,510 shots. How cool! Also Read: This Is The Only Lingerie You Will Be Wearing In 2018 Cover Image via Cameralabs

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