The year is now 2020, and the time is to set new goals and plan to achieve them. The previous decade has shown us how technology can transform the way we live. On the other hand, it has also demonstrated how we can rely too much on tech to get things done, which is not something desirable. However, 2020 is when you can focus on the positive impacts of tech habits and use them to make this year happier. Let us show you how.


The practice of meditation is probably as old as human civilisation, if not older. However, modern technology can help you focus on meditating better. Things like guided meditation apps, ambient noise generators and even YouTube videos can be highly useful.

Sleep better

The blue light that screens emanate is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to bad sleep cycles. On the other hand, the same technology can help you sleep better with smart lights. LEDs with adjustable colours can be set to warmer hues closer to bedtime, which has been proven to be better for your sleep.

Treat it like day one

Your gadgets and appliances can keep you much happier if you take care of them like they’re new. No, we’re not asking you clean every nook and cranny of your smartphone, laptop, refrigerator, etc. Everyday. However, an occasional wipe-down, along with care to avoid heat build-up, can go a long way in extending a device’s lifespan.

Repair and Recycle

Sometimes, no matter how much you care for a device, it is not possible to make it work properly without external help. In such a situation, seek such help instead of just getting a new device. If you do have to discard the device, ensure that you do it at a facility which is capable of handling and recycling electronic waste.

Clear out digital clutter

With every new website you visit, every new app you sign in to, your digital footprint gets more cluttered. From our inboxes to cloud storage, most of us are guilty of a lot of digital garbage.

Make 2020 the year when you go through your digital accounts and cloud storage to clear out what is not required. Not only will it make things organised, but it can also free up some additional space that could save you money.

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