A modern TV is much more than its resolution and screen size. While those two TV features have reached some amazing levels with 4K Ultra HD and now even 8K TVs making their way into homes, there’s more to a complete home entertainment experience than that. Today, TV features comprise of a wide range of technological achievements that enhance the quality of its visuals and other aspects as well. Here are some of the top TV features that you should be looking for in a new TV today.


Just like 4K is a standard thing to choose now, so is HDR. Expanding to High Dynamic Range, a TV with HDR support will be able to play HDR content, now common on streaming services like Netflix. HDR creates a more vibrant picture where you get more colors, more contrast levels and increased brightness. Certain common HDR standards to look out for are HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

Voice control

Smart TV features are also quite the standard today, with most of them featuring one leading smart assistant if not more. Your new TV should support voice commands via one such assistant, preferably through a button and microphone on the remote. This will let you play your favourite content from any TV app using just your voice, and even control your smart home if that is supported.


Since a smart TV is the norm today, it is expected that people will ask more of them. Multitasking is quickly becoming one of the common TV features, where the TV allows you to complete two tasks at once. For example, asking the voice assistant on your TV to run a search for the movie’s director while you’re watching said movie, without having to stop either action. This can be achieved via split screen or Picture-in-Picture modes.

Powerful Processor

As more TVs are allowing an increasing number of apps and games to be installed and run on them natively, it is important that your TV has a powerful processor to support these operations. Along with multitasking mentioned above, these demanding tasks require at least a Quad-core processor and more than a gigabyte of RAM to run without lags.

Storage Space

With most of our favourite content resting in streaming apps, constant internet connectivity has become a necessity. However, when it is not available, the ability to keep your content downloaded and watch it later comes in handy. To do so without worrying about storage space, a modern TV should come with adequate memory space available for your shows and movies.

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