Not every day is a good hair day and that’s why we have the hair straightening iron. It’s a go-to gadget to fix those unruly, frizzy and unpredictable locks. While some of us have just discovered this gadget, most of us have been perfecting this skill since school days. Either way, there’s one thing we can all agree on—hair straightening is a struggle! Right from finding the perfect hair iron, to going through the process of straightening your hair, it’s all a tedious task. You have to begin by meticulously parting your hair in sections, then carefully running the iron over every section to get that flat look, and more importantly, doing all of it without accidentally injuring yourself by touching those hot plates. For years, we’ve put ourselves through this laborious task, all for the sake of those silky, lustrous locks, but that’s about to change. Say hello to the new generation of hair straightening gadgets, the hair straightening brush. Also Read: Buying Guide: How to Pick The Right Hair Straightener

What is a hair straightening brush?

It is a brush and a hair straightener, bundled together as one gadget. It has bristles attached to the hot plates. All you have to do is run the brush through the hair to style it. The plates of the brush don’t make direct contact with the hair, as the brush just creates a simple way of getting the heated plate through the hair. Basically, it is designed to straighten the hair faster and with lesser heat than a flat iron. Here’s why we think it’s a worthwhile contender to the traditional hair iron.

Quick to use

Straightening your hair with a hair straightening brush is as simple as combing your hair. You literally have to just run it through your hair to get that sleek, straight look.

Safer option

The exposed plates of the flat irons could be easily touched by you, causing burns and injuries. However, with the straightening brush your fingers are unlikely to get in the way of the hot plate.

Can be used every day

Since the hot plates of the straightening brush don’t come in direct contact with your hair, you can use it often without worrying about the damage.

Gives your hair volume

This gadget does not exactly flatten your hair to a point where it looks lifeless. It merely straightens it without affecting the shape of your hair, thus, retaining the volume. If you use the flat iron to straighten your hair, give this new hair styling gadget a shot too. You may get used to the ease of the way this styling brush works. Also Read: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Fine Jewellery Cover Image Courtesy:

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