In case you haven’t heard the news (how can you not though? It’s all over the Internet) – NASA, having accounted for a wobble in the Earth’s axis, has inadvertently added a new sign to the Zodiac. This means that 86% of us may now have a new star sign! We woke up this morning and our horoscope told us that we were going to have a great day, but then we saw this news and now we don’t know what to think! Okay, so technically all NASA did was adjust the math to today’s values, before coming to the conclusion that the changes would mean that the constellations have relatively moved slightly from their previous positions. However, Cosmopolitan and a bunch of other magazines then realised that this moved everyone’s star sign dates off by a few days, and then blamed NASA for the change. Never mind the fact that NASA has stated time and again that astrology is NOT science – Cosmo can’t be stopped by a silly fact like that. And this isn’t even the best part. NASA has identified a 13th constellation and, consequently, we have a new star sign! It’s called Ophiuchus and everyone who was born from November 29 – December 17 falls under this new star sign. #QueMag decided to help out all you new-star-sign-refugees by putting together a list of famous people who share this star sign with you. We hope you learn more about yourself through their personality traits. Meanwhile, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a Capricorn tattoo on my lower back that I have to get removed.  

Jyoti Amge

Star sign trait: Has the courage to overcome obstacles.

01 Jyoti Amge 13th horoscope cosmo

Amge holds the world record for being the world’s smallest living woman and is a wonderful person all-in-all, who has even had a role in the hit TV show American Horror Story: Freak Show. So what’s she done? One might think that her lack of height was just hard luck at the genetic lottery, but the truth is that it was planned all along. Tired of hearing the Man tell her that ‘Little girls must be seen and not heard’ as she was growing up, she decided that she would protest the sexism in this country by ensuring that she would not be seen either. How does this matter to you? She inspires us all to think outside the box and stop using lame excuses like genetics as a reason for why we can’t change a broken system. If we don’t do all that’s possible to fix the way things are, then we’ll all come up short in the end.  

Dan Bilzerian

Star sign trait: Loves to work hard, party harder.

 02 Dan Bilzerian 13th horoscope cosmo

When you look up Bilzerian, the first thing you see is that he’s famous for being a poker star. Nowadays, Bilzerian is perhaps most famous for throwing the best parties on Instagram. So what’s he done? His father served a prison sentence for tax law violations. Tired of the shame, Dan swore that he would make something remarkable of himself. Today, Dan Bilzerian is a millionaire Instagram star who surrounds himself with money, guns, escorts, and as little clothing as possible. How does that matter to you? Bilzerian is proof that we can be better than those who came before us and that our roots do not control our destiny. His haters might call him a man-child who lives for instant gratification, but that’s just Dan’s special way of reminding us that there’s a childish joy alive within all of us.  

John Abraham

Star sign trait: Refuses to be defined by labels.

 03 John Abraham 13th horoscope cosmo

After a successful career in modelling, Mr Muscles made an equally successful foray into acting with 2003’s Jism. So what’s he done? At first, people just thought that John Abraham was nothing but a pretty face. Since then, he’s had major hits such as Dostana, where he was not just a pretty face – he was, in fact, a pretty face who also amazed us with the sheer acting talent contained within his toned butt. How does that matter to you? Abraham’s a perfect example of why you should never let people label you, because the world will always want to put a good man down. It’s up to you to push past them, even if all you are now is the butt of all jokes.  

Taylor Swift

Start sign trait: Is fiercely ambitious

04 Taylor Swift 13th horoscope cosmo

Taylor’s been slaying on the pop music scene for some time now – we see a new iteration with each passing year. Fans can barely keep up with the versatile Swift but they love her all the same. So what’s she done? Here’s something you don’t hear nearly enough about – Taylor Swift’s love life. Her haters occasionally make jokes about her serial dating record, but the truth is that Taylor walked away from those relationships because they were holding her back as an artist. And as a person. These men always wanted to hold on to the version of Taylor they fell for and hated whenever she changed into an awesome new person. For her to grow, she had to leave. How does that matter to you? She teaches us that sometimes you have to cut off the people you love if they’re holding you back; that it’s okay to be selfish sometimes, because if you don’t love yourself then who will? Always remember – haters gonna hate hate hate, so just shake it off. Shake it off.


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