Karan Desai, aka Folic State, has been lurking on the techno dance music scene for nearly a decade. He started out playing smaller gigs, before exploding on the techo circuit four years ago with some very interesting tracks. After having released his last EP in 2015, the artiste is busy working on the next phase of his musical journey. #QueMag caught up with the artiste to get his views on the clubbing scene in India:   When did you start DJing and what were your early passions and influences? I began DJing about nine years ago, in 2008. Early on it was Axwell, EDX, Solomun, Norman Doray, Funkagenda, John Digweed, Richie Hawtin, Wize... Since then my sound has matured and evolved massively.   Do you believe in the idea of 'reading an audience' before performing a set? Yes, I do. It’s pretty crucial to understand the mindset of the audience.   Like this article? Also read: Dance Ganesh: Your Ultimate Visarjan Playlist   If you could get stuck in the music scene of one particular year, which year would it be?  I'm not too sure, it’s ever changing and evolving – getting better and better. But I reckon if I had to, it’ll be 2014-2015, because I’ve come across some incredible artistes and heard heaps of new music from upcoming artistes as well, in the spectrum of sounds I play at the moment.  

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  What would you say is unique to your DJing style? I'm known for random sets, mixing unusual sounds and playing music I like, and not what people crave.   What is that one track you never get tired of playing or hearing? Skeksis by Alan Fitzpatrick.   What is that one track that got popular that you're sick of?  Chocolate by Sam Paganini.   Where do you think the club scene is heading? It’s heading up, albeit gradually. Maybe a few more clubs dedicated to this sound would be great. Nevertheless it’s picking up and the audience for this genre is increasing too!

You can listen to Folic State’s music at: https://soundcloud.com/folicstate This interview is part of a series of Q&As with artistes who’re playing new, interesting sounds that represent a young India.

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