When did you start DJing and what were your early passions and influences?

I started DJing when I was 17-18. I used to play private parties back then; I played my first proper gig as DJ Qwiver at 23. I’ve always wanted to play underground music, and that continues to be my passion even today. I always try bringing something new to the gig that most people around might not have heard before. My biggest influence then and now has got to be Richie Hawtin and Dubfire.

Do you believe in the idea of ‘reading an audience’ before performing a set?

It is obviously very important to gauge the audience while performing and it is necessary to adjust accordingly. However, as an artist you cannot be a ‘Jukebox’ and keep playing whatever people like or request. This may work for some, but then you’ll be playing popular music all night long, which is no different from any other DJ out there. An artist has gotta have his own taste, ideas and has to play something that the audience has not heard before.

If you could get stuck in the music scene of one particular year, which year would it be? 

Honestly, for the kind of stuff I play, I think right now is the best time possible! Especially in our country, there has been a massive explosion of Deep House and Techno, but it has happened in the recent past only. If I could go back in time though, I’d love to re-live the 70’s and 80’s era of music, as it was so organic and natural.

What would you say is your unique DJing style? 

I play a mix of bouncy + groovy music for both projects, however my uniqueness probably lies in my liking of more ‘empty’ music. A lot of artistes/DJs prefer more synth heavy / busy tracks; however, I tend to prefer tracks with very little going on in them. After all, its always just been about the bass lines for me!

DJ Qwiver

What is that one track you never get tired of playing or hearing? 

A current favourite track has got to be the Markus Homm remix of Alex Flatner’s – Courtesy! My kinda deep house. I normally don’t like to repeat tracks, but I’ve played this one so many times already, and intend on playing it at some upcoming gigs as well.

What is that one track that got popular that you’re sick of? 

I can think of so many. The thing is that as soon as a track becomes popular, I kinda lose interest in playing or listening to it. In recent times, Sam Paganini’s – Rave & Maceo Plex’s – Conjure Superstar went super viral. They are both top tracks and everyone around was playing it, but I haven’t, not even once.

Where do you think the club scene is heading? 

I think India has got a great festival vibe going on which is pretty evident by the number or attendees and the magnitude of the artists being booked.

So yeah, it has definitely gotten better from the past, but there’s a long way to go for us to have a proper underground club culture’!

Cover Image via Qwiver/Facebook