Hasn’t everyone been tirelessly whooping and rejoicing ever since Nokia announced the beast comeback of one of its most popular models—the 3310—at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this week? At a time when we’re running around like headless chickens trying to find the nearest charging point for our utterly smart yet low on juice phones, if a brand throws at us an ex-flame with a standby battery life of a month, hell yeah, we’re bound to go bonkers! But before you patch up with this ex, the said uber dynamic, all-new Nokia 3310 in this case, here’s what you ought to know about its new avatar. nokia

Vision in Colour

The first feature that’s probably going to hit you about the new Nokia 3310 is its colour display. While in the 2000’s, when the phone was a rage, we were pretty much okay with humble privileges like getting to message, answer calls, and beat our friends at the ‘snake game’; times are different today. And who better than Nokia would know this better? So, to make the model more relevant for 2017, the brand has given this popular phone a colour display. It comes with a 2.4-inch 240 x 320-pixel screen, quite an upgrade that! It’s sweet how the 3310 refuses to compete with the ultra-modern 1080-pixel screens we’re so accustomed to. It’s coloured yet as pixelated as an old-school phone, just what your old-school soul could crave for in our oh-so-modern world.

Rebutting Performance Pressures

Now, when it comes to performance, the new 3310 is hardly cracking under pressure. It is what it promises to be, old ways-loving and old-school. While navigation is kept to a bare minimum, it works on a 2.5G spectrum that makes navigation on Facebook and Twitter a possibility, thanks to its Opera Mini browser. However, if you’re looking at a performance as sleek as your snooty modern-day smartphone, you’d want to give this one a miss. After all, 3310 is meant to make you feel smart, but not all that smart! It also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack for MP3 playback and a MicroSD card slot. nokia 3310 snake

Snake! Snake! Snake!

Before Angry Birds flew all over the place, busting rocks and what not, the 90’s born spent all their time keeping the snake from biting its butt. Yes, that was a game and it was more than addictive. And we couldn’t be happier that Nokia is bringing the good ol’ snake back! However, Nokia has tried hard to make it relevant to the times we live in, and has thus modified the game with a rather active snake that collects apples at various spots. What’s more, it can even travel diagonally now. Now, if you’re way too old-school, you might not be very happy with this slightly more modern avatar. Also Read: Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Juiced for Good

The beauty and highlight of this phone, of course, is the fact that it boasts of a stand by battery life of a month, which also means, you can actually talk to your hearts content for an entire day and really not bother to reach out the numerous cables for charging the phone. nokia 3310

Click Away? May Be, May Be Not

With every new feature the Nokia 3310 is rather humble. And its 2mp camera is no different. If you’re one of those whose invariably going to compare its picture quality with your current phone, we’d say you save your energies; right at the outset, the 3310 promises you nothing more than the photo quality us 90’s folks grew up with. In fact, some may find its hazy picture quality sweetly nostalgic, if nothing. Also Read: First Look: Gionee A1, A1 Plus nokia 3310

Off on the Road...

To sum it up, the comeback of the Nokia 3310 feels as bittersweet as meeting a long lost who has changed considerably. To those who thrive on nostalgia and old-school charm, this one is a sure-shot winner. However, those of us who have moved on with time and are in tune with everything that is progressive and up in the future might feel the pinch of a lacking level of thrill or excitement. All said and done, it is great for keeps but our modern ways have sunk their claws so deep within us, we may find it a little hard to love the 3310 all over again.