The new Nokia 3310 may have a colour display and a headphone jack, unlike its predecessor, but the makers have stuck with the nostalgic value of this phone in many ways. Here’s a quick roundup of its features that prove this phone is truly the modern version of a classic workhorse.

Colourful shells

nokia 3310
The original one had six colourful shells. Keeping up with the classic colours, the new Nokia 3310 is available in four similar hues—warm red and yellow which come with a glossy finish and dark blue and grey that come with a matte finish.

Durable Build

nokia 3310
It’s been decades since we used the old Nokia 3310 and it still reigns as the sturdiest phone. The new version will stick to its iconic brick-like reputation.

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nokia 3310
While the phone is just as small to fit into your palm like its predecessor, design wise there is a small change, or more like an improvement. The phone is more rounded on the corners which makes for better readability in sunlight. Though the push buttons are new, the UI and button placement is similar. Overall, it will have the same feel to it.

Battery Life

Of all the things that we most fondly remember of the Nokia 3310, the long-lasting battery has to be one of the most standout feature. The new handset comes with this impressive battery life too. It packs a removable 1200mAh battery that can deliver 22 hours of talk time and standby time of up to 31 days.


nokia 3310 snake
The return of the Nokia 3310 brings back the legendary Snake game too. The game is a little updated and optimised for the colour screen but it is the same game that we’ve played relentlessly for all those years.

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