Moving out of the parental home and into your own apartment is a reason to celebrate. It signals a coming of age and great independence. But it will take more than just setting up the Wi-Fi and making up the bed to get you ready for your new life. Even the most cooking-averse will need kitchen essentials. While you may not require an air fryer or a coffee machine just yet, you will definitely need to stock up on some basic kitchen appliances to get you started. That’s why we’ve listed out a budget starter kit, under Rs 20,000, for people who’ve just moved into their own apartment.
Induction Cooktop
Havells Insta Cook OT 1600 W Induction Cooktops
Price: Rs 2,521 Owning an electric induction cooktop is a much better option than a stove. Unlike a stove that requires cylinder or a gas line registration and routine refills, the induction cooktop only requires electricity. There’s no hassle while setting it up, or any separate fee. It’s safer to use too, as there’s no open flame. It’s a handy kitchen staple to have around if you intend to cook food for yourself. Also Read: 7 Upcoming Digital Mini-Series We Can’t Wait to Stream on Our Smart TVs
Microwave Oven
IFB 17PM MEC 17L Solo Microwave Oven
Price: Rs 4,249 Using a microwave oven is about convenience and time-efficiency. Sure, you can use your induction cooktop instead of a microwave, but things like defrosting frozen foods and reheating last night’s dinner is just easier when you have a microwave. A solo microwave should take care of all your basic heating and cooking needs. But if you want to start grilling meats and baking cookies, you might want to buy a convection microwave.
Water Purifier
Tata Swach Smart 15L Water Purifier
Price: Rs 1,149 Drinking pure and safe water is a real challenge. You can’t always spend on bottled water, neither can you waste all that electricity boiling water on your cook top. A more economical way to deal with your water needs is to buy an affordable water purifier - it's your best bet against water-borne diseases. Also Read: Your Fav Celebs Are Already Wearing This Season’s Hottest Trends
Electrolux ECO90PSHEC091PSH 80 L Refrigerator
Price: Rs 8,859 Sooner or later, you will need a refrigerator to stock your food in. Not only will a refrigerator keep your fruits and veggies fresh, you can also preserve cooked, frozen or pre-ordered food for the next few days so that you don’t have to prepare meals every day. This one’s a very useful appliance when you’re living on your own.
Electric Kettle
Lifelong TeaTime2 1 L Hairpin Electric Kettle
Price: Rs 749 It doesn’t cost much to begin with and has quite a few benefits. You can boil water and make tea instantly and anytime with an electric kettle at hand. You can also use it to boil eggs or cook Maggi and other quick meals when you’re too lazy to turn on the gas.
Sandwich maker
Chef Pro CPS801 700W Single Sandwich Maker
Price: Rs 663 A sandwich maker can take care of your breakfast, lunch and dinner. All you need to do is gather a few ingredients, even if it’s an egg or last night’s dinner and layer it between two breads, and voila your easy and quick meal is ready. This appliance doesn’t cost much either and yet you can rely on it to survive on some delicious recipes. Also Read: How to Be More Eco-Friendly When Doing Your Laundry Cover Image Courtesy: