Renovating your kitchen doesn’t only imply getting a new wall colour or a refrigerator. To give it a true taste of the times, you need to stock it up with appliances from the times and not the same ones used by your mother and grandmother decades back. These new kitchen appliances make your job in the kitchen simpler and your food healthier too.
Air fryer
Lifelong Healthy Fry LLHF 2.6 L Air Fryer
Right from frying snacks to baking a cake, there’s a ton you can do with an air fryer. This kitchen appliance can truly be a welcome addition to your pantry, since it is a source of healthier food. It uses a new technology that works on air frying the food with little or no oil added to it. This means you can enjoy those same pakoras and French fries when you crave the munchies minus the ton of oil that’s otherwise used to make them.
Induction cooktop
Gorenje 30 cm IT332CSC Domino Induction
Switching from a stove to an induction cooktop has several benefits. For starters, cooking on an electrical induction cooktop makes cooking much faster than using a gas. The induction range is far more energy-efficient where you end up using much lesser power than the gas you’d end up using to cook the same dish. Since it doesn’t operate on an open flame it is a safer appliance to have around too.
Indian kitchens are all about cooking with chopped onions, garlic and peppers for the abundant curries we make. Having a chopper around makes this tedious process simpler. This chopper works well with wet ingredients too thus you can use it to make hummus, salsa and salad dressings.
Cold press juicer
Morphy Richards SJ01 Slow Juicer
Juices have always been a go-to healthy drink. But research shows that not all juicers are the same. The common types of juicers fail to retain all the nutrients of the fruit and veggies you’ve juiced up. Their working mechanism oxidises these nutrients thus leaving your juice less healthy. Your kitchen deserves a modern machine like the cold press juicer that does as it promises. This appliance has a slow juicing mechanism that retains all those healthy ingredients you’re looking for.
IFB Neptune FX Dish Washer
Who wouldn’t want to do away with washing your dishes! For everyone who’s ever gotten bored or lazy to get on with this daily chore, this gadget is a boon. It has several settings for vessels that are mild to heavily soiled and can get through stubborn stains too. Cover Image Courtesy:

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