You’ve reached your desk at work, placed your cup of coffee at its designated spot, logged into your system, and are ready to power through a day at work. Just then, a familiar notification pops up. The message would ask you to install a software update that will put your machine out of use for the next 20-30 minutes. In a split second, you decide that you can’t afford to lose that time and hit the ‘Later’ button before moving on with your day’s work. 

This one split-second decision could bring down your device the next time malware or ransomware is spreading through the interwebs. Even if the consequences are not that dire, skipping too many software upgrades will keep any device from getting software optimisations which will make your machine perform poorly in the long run. If you’re still not sure how important software updates are, here are a few reasons: 

Malware Protection 

According to statistics from AV-Test Institute, every single day 300,000 new malware samples are created. By design, malware, or malicious software, is created to exploit loopholes and cracks in software for malicious purposes. Software updates often include patches against the latest malware strains and should not be skipped if you want to keep your device safe. 

Software bugs 

Not everything wrong with your device must happen due to code or applications with malicious intent. Sometimes, software on your devices malfunctions due to errors in how they were developed. However, these bugs and their effects like random crashes, erroneous behaviour can be solved through a software update as well. 

Information security 

Every problem with your device does not have to end up in malfunctions. Your device could be leaking your information without you knowing it. To plug such security holes, a software update is essential. 

New Features 

Electric car-maker Tesla is well known for adding useful (and sometimes, fun) features via software updates, like sentry mode and dog mode. A software update for your device often brings new functionality that makes your life easier and also increases the value of your device to you. 

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