If you are from that house on the street that doesn't have a CCTV security system – and you think you don’t need one - here are some reasons why you actually do. The primary benefit of installing security cameras on your premises is getting peace of mind as you can monitor the place no matter which part of the world you are in. Footage caught on CCTV cameras also help in faster insurance claim pay-outs in case your house gets burglarized; it helps legitimize your claims and speed up the investigation by the insurer as well. You'd also be surprised to know that security camera systems might make your house eligible for insurance discounts in the eyes of some home insurance companies. Let's take a look at how you could use these security cameras and also see some suitable recommendations for each type.

1)Door Cams

Security cameras have come a long way to now replace even peepholes in doors. Door cameras allow you to view live video of whoever is outside your door and ID them before they enter your house.
This camera from Dahua lets you see and talk to your visitor without having to open the door. It is also capable of recording audio and video messages in case no one is there to answer the door. The camera’s night vision abilities will also help you in clearly looking at visitors in the night. If you're looking for additional utility, you can also configure the camera to support IC card and remote unlock. Like this article? Also read: The 7 Best Laptops for Students

2)Indoor Cams

Cameras indoor can be a blessing if you want to keep a tab on your pets, your kids – or even just your home when you’re away for extended periods of time. The footage from these cameras can be streamed to your mobile phone or laptop for ultimate convenience.
This WiFi enabled camera from Merlin is probably the best option, if you monitor all the action in your house or office. It features motion detection capabilities and will alert you if it spots any kind of movement so that you can see what's going on instantly. The camera can be paired with your mobile and tablet via its app in a matter of minutes. It would be ideal to monitor your sleeping infant as it would alert you in case the baby wakes up as well. This camera can also be used for video conferencing when you don't need it for security purposes.

3)Multiple Camera Systems For Wholesome Coverage Of Your House/Office

For bigger houses, offices or establishments a single security camera won't suffice. The bigger the space, the more eyes you need to keep a watch. This is where it makes sense to have an entire CCTV camera system comprising of different cameras placed in different locations to have a comprehensive coverage of your premises. Depending on the place of installation, you could either use a bullet or a dome camera. While bullet cameras are more suitable for indoor locations and more cost-efficient, dome cameras are more suitable for outdoor locations and are lesser prone to vandalism due to their discrete build.
If you're convinced about needing glass eyes to keep a track on your premises, this security camera system is probably what you need. The Godrej See Thru 8 Channel camera system consists of six dome and two bullet cameras that can be distributed across your premises, so you have complete coverage. While footage can be live streamed directly to your phone or laptop, a 1TB hard drive will also store all your recordings. The cameras can shoot upto 1080p videos for clearer footage. Like this article? Also read: 5 Best Big Screen Phones to Buy Right Now Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com