Don't you just love these office get togethers?! I mean, you're almost ready to pull each other's hair out at 5.59 and bam! It's 6.00 and time to put on those party hats and drink away your blues with colleagues (read frenemies). You can literally rub shoulders with the top management, do Jaegerbombs with your boss and flirt with that office crush from the 2nd floor. While you want to seem cool and sort of blend in, you don't want to throw up and pass out on the CEO's sofa or even get wheel-chaired out of the party. And you definitely don't want people to mistake you for Christmas decoration. Worry not, you worker ants. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to look festive happy yet not flashy this Holiday Party season at work.

Rule No.1

Do not overdo it. All that glitters should not be your outfit. Tone down the enthusiasm and keep it classy.

Rule No.2

Steer clear of skanky silhouettes. No random cut-outs, mid-riff baring bandage dresses please.

Rule No.3

Bold accessories should do the trick. Amp up your outfit with a bright bag or a statement neck piece.

Rule No. 4

Untitled-1 Go pop with make-up. Red lips and some glitter on your eyelids is a big yes.

Rule No. 5

Don't be too casual or you could end up looking disinterested. No slouchy sweaters and hobo pants.