Never in the history of humanity has there been an era so conducive to the creative mind. Today, there are means to create and spread any form of art with an efficiency and reach that was beyond human comprehension not too long ago. Thanks to technology, content creators have, at their disposal, a bevy of platforms, gadgets and mediums to put their creations out there. We’re focussing on the second one of those today – the tools.

Today, creators are putting out videos, pictures, articles, poetry, podcasts, music and much more, without involving anyone apart from themselves. They’re able to do that due to the gadgets and devices they employ in their process. While the exact devices might vary depending on what is being created, there are certain tools that should be a part of every content creator’s kit if they’re looking to make it big today. Here’s a rundown of few such tools.

A Superior Smartphone

When most people talk about smartphones for content creators, they tend to focus on the camera. While that is important for obvious reasons, there’s a lot more that it is expected to do today. Your smartphone today should be able to help you take notes, write and publish blogs, host live broadcasts on social media, connect with your clients and share your work with them. To do all this, it needs a powerful processor, enough RAM and sufficient battery backup as well.

A Capable Microphone

This might not be applicable for all content creators, but it remains underrated for those who do need it. For those creating vlogs, podcasts, or recording vocals for music, a good microphone is essential. There’s no point in shooting 4K video if your audio sounds like it’s from a few decades ago.

Efficient Editing Software

Regardless of the type of creator you are, some form of editing software is necessary today. Video editors already have quite a few good options to choose from. There are great tools for audio like music and podcast editing too. There are also free graphic design tools available online that let you create snazzy social media posts in no time. The list could go on – so pick one before it’s too late.

A Powerful Laptop

Irrespective of how powerful your smartphone is, it cannot replace a computer. A powerful laptop can let you access the benefits of everything mentioned so far while you’re on the go. You will be able to put out content from anywhere in the world if you have the connectivity needed.

External Storage

Creating high quality videos, photographs and music isn’t easy for you, or for your storage situation. It is always important to have additional storage backup available in the form of external hard drives. Along with a fail-safe, they also make your creations highly portable.

A Great Camera (Optional)

While a smartphone camera can pull off a lot today for content creators, if you’re looking to get into serious photography or film-making, nothing beats a DSLR. Check for entry level options, maybe those that come with good reviews for video capabilities if that’s what you want.

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock