Music gets us go-going! It's the ultimate antidote to every mood and a catalyst to the humdrum fitness routine. Yes, we feel you. Wonder what kick-a** kicks add on to the therapy? If you happen to have the photographic memory, each beat would flash images before your eyes. For the rest of us, watch and get inspired.

Sorry - Justin Bieber

If your idea of "colourful" is a rainbow, Sorry not sorry, you may have to consider a change of mind as you see THIS. The animated kicks in this one will surely inspire you to go that extra mile.

Can’t Stop the Feeling- Justin Timberlake

Select your job profile, add white sneakers to it and voila! You have your big ‘sneaker moment’. White is ruling the sneaker-world and everyone is wearing it with a you-can’t-go-wrong  flair.

Silentó- Watch me (Nae Nae)

Right pair of sneakers does to EVERYTHING that a right pair of shoes do to a girl - they get you to conquer the world! This will make you want to sprint and "break your legs"—okay, not.

When the Baseline Drops- Craig David x Big Narstie

Black is the new black and is surely on the sneaker-staple-diet. You will keep going mile after mile ‘when the baseline drops’!

Tinie Tempah- Girls Like

When Tinie Tempah decides to throw a dance party on the streets, we see a sneaker-buffet. High tops or trainers? Go ahead and pick your side.

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