Let’s just say there’s been a change in music genres we’ve been listening to. Hard rock really isn’t hard rock anymore; and where has grunge disappeared? Meanwhile, electronica is enjoying its moment in the fun thanks to festival fever; and reggae seems to be experiencing a much-needed revival. But there’s a new list of millennial music genres that everyone’s foot-tapping to. Have a listen if you’re a music lover (and even if you’re not), especially if you don’t want to be left clueless in those oft-had music-centered conversations.  

Heroine Pop (n)

Pop songs written by women, especially focused on sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Girls who aren’t fans of the Taylor Swift brand of wholesome pop often love this genre. It’s a little uncomfortable, a little seductive and very moody; try it before you diss it. From commercial artists like Lorde to Lana Del Rey, whose Summertime Sadness was last summer’s #BigHit, a lot of women are singing it.  

Slouch Rock (n)

Rock songs with lazy vocals, backed by a fuzzy electric guitar. At the opposite end of the spectrum from hard rock, immortalized by the likes of Metallica, AC/DC and Kiss, is soft rock, which bands like The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and the Goo Goo Dolls did very well. Sitting in the middle of all that is slouch rock where vocalists mumble and slur their way through songs backed by fuzzy electric guitars. Side effects include feeling drowsy.  

Tech House (n)

House music that’s a mash-up of the ‘rugged basslines’ and ‘steely beats’ of techno and the harmonies of progressive house. You’ll have heard this genre if you’re a dance music fanboy/girl. The good thing is, new and lesser known labels are having breaking out moments more often than not, and this is propelling Tech House from an underground genre to something more mainstream.  

CDM (n)

When dance music beats meat country music melodies. Country Dance Music is the coming together of two much-loved genres. Basically, it’s a mix of intense electronic beats and jovial/melancholic country and folk tunes. It’s not an easy genre to love though; music critics and hard core fans are already divided. Have a listen and give us your take.  

Dubstazz (n)

The music produced when dubstep meets jazz. This genre’s been getting a lot of love from traditional and progressive fans. And if everyone loves it, chances are you’ll like it too. After all jazz by itself has universal appeal. Look for bands like Free the Robots and Pretty Lights, who have been earnestly expanding the genre for a while now.


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