Elton John, one of the best musicians to have ever lived, had once talked about how music helped us. “Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.” And in this world where chaos is the name of the game, we can all appreciate some quality time with the music we love - and we should all expect it to be nothing less than what's available to true audiophiles. If you want to experience music like it was meant to be heard, like a true audiophile, here are some of the best equipment in the world of music to burn the stress out of your life.

ION Audio Vinyl Transport VJB01 Portable Turntable and Record Player (Black)


We’re growing up in a world of streaming services where it’s not as easy to connect with the song or the artist itself. But Vinyl? It’s a different ballgame altogether. Right from being able to enjoy lossless audio to be a part of a music-endearing community, it’s everything you need for a rich music experience. This record player from ION Audio is highly portable and has RCA outputs to connect to home audio equipment.  

FiiO M3K HiFi Music Player with 16GB Memory Card and Digital Voice Recorder


But what about when you want to listen to Hi-Res music on the go? Well, HiFi music players are here to save you. Hi-Res audio players resemble MP3 players of the past but cater to only Hi-Res audio output. The M3K is an affordable option that offers a satisfactory 26 hours of battery life. You can transfer files via your computer or also via OTG on-the-go.  

Bowers & Wilkins PX


What good are Hi-Res players without professional headphones? Straight from the house of respected British audio brand Bowers & Wilkins, the PX merges together impressive noise cancellation with exceptional audio quality. The headphones also come with a connected app to tweak the noise reduction levels and smart detection to auto-control playback. Expect about a week's worth of performance from its batteries, even with the noise cancellation used whenever required. Add a compact build on top of all this and you've got a perfect pick to carry on your daily commute, without compromising on the sound quality.  

Bose Wave SoundTouch IV 60W Speaker


The Wave SoundTouch IV is something you have to consider if you’re looking for a piece of equipment that serves a “gathering” and is also versatile in terms of input. This 60W speaker can connect via Bluetooth and WiFi (for Spotify & Apple Music amongst others). Apart from this, it also supports AM/FM, CDs and AUX. As far as sound is concerned, the SoundTouch will please all audiences. Right from low-end bass lovers to fans of classical music who are keen on clarity, everyone will feel right at home. This is truly one of the best Hi-Res home audio players in the market.  

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless


Packing a ton of features, the Momentum True Wireless are Sennheiser's take on the gradually-peaking true wireless genre. The earphones can achieve a total battery life of about 12 hours and uses technology like 'two-mic beamforming' to enhance the clarity of phone calls. Using the onboard touch controls or the app, you can also enable transparency which allows you to hear the sounds around you. Above and beyond the features, these earbuds also sound amazing!

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