It’s done. Donald Trump has assumed his position as POTUS. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Or is there? America strongly believes in its freedom to make its thoughts and opinions heard, and anti-Trump protests still rage on in the streets and across the media. One popular outlet for frustration is music. It’s also being used as a medium to call out for solidarity, urging people to stick together as one during these next four years. Several music artistes have been very vocal about their condemnation of Trump’s policies and, now, we’re beginning to see the focal point of their protest in their music. With the ability to spread a message and unify others that is rarely seen in other forms of art, music looks to be the ultimate protest tool.  

I Give You Power, Arcade Fire

Some songs weren’t so much anti-Trump as much as they were a call for people to come together and put aside their differences to work together in these trying times.  

Hallelujah Money, Gorillaz

Released the night before Trump’s inauguration, the Gorillaz found the perfect moment to announce their comeback with this anti-Trump track. Replete with references to walls, it’s quite clear how the band feels about what’s happening to their country.  

Million Dollar Loan, Death Cab for Cutie

The song’s title is a reference to a now infamous claim by President Trump during the first Presidential debate where he claimed he’s a self-made millionaire who made it with a “small loan of a million dollars” from his father. Ah yes, no advantage there.  

Demagogue, Franz Ferdinand

It’s not just the Americans who are up in arms. The British band checks in with this brilliant track which mocks all things Trump.  

Campaign Speech, Eminem

When the Rap God – the man who’s been accused more than anyone else of misogyny and inciting violence through his words – takes aim at Trump, you best believe it’s serious.  

FDT (F**k Donald Trump), YG & Nipsey Hussle

Checking in with the least subtle title in this list, the West Coast rappers spew forth fire in this scathing takedown of everything Trump embodies.  

T5, Swet Shop Boys

The video begins with Trump’s call for Muslims to undergo a US loyalty test, then launches an attack against the prevalent practice of racial profiling, which looks unlikely to be less of a hot button issue under the new president’s tenure.

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