Mother’s Day is an annual reminder to appreciate the most selfless and loving person in your life. While it has always been about planning a memorable dinner at your mum’s favourite restaurant or treating her to a day at the spa, this year is surely going to be different. Considering the circumstances, a few of us are lucky to be celebrating the special day at home with our mothers in presence though some of us are unable to do so. However, fret not, because we’re here to level up the celebrations with a few virtual ideas that are just as much fun.

These ideas do not require you or your mom to step out of the house (so, no excuses allowed) but the only thing that you need is a good internet connection and you’re good to go. These virtual activities will help make it the most memorable Mother’s Day even though you’re physically apart. So, go on, it’s your chance to make your mother feel extra special and loved. Especially with the uncertainty that the future holds, a positive mindset and a whole lot of enthusiasm is the perfect way to get started. Ahead, we’ve listed down some of the easiest virtual ways to let her know you know love her and thank her for everything.

Cook and Bake Together

Whether it’s her favourite comfort food or a dessert that she’s been longing to try, this day is the perfect time to ace that recipe together. You can then compare who’s the better chef. Put on a YouTube tutorial and learn a few techniques that you’ll can try out together.

Plan A Virtual Happy Hour

It’s time to raise a toast to the strongest woman in your life. Put down your thoughts and read it aloud to her on this special day with your favourite drink. You can also mix and blend your own unique cocktail or mocktail together and name it after you’ll.

Go On A Virtual Tour

A lot of virtual tours have now become available to us through the internet. Have some fun and go on a virtual tour together where you can build your knowledge of art and culture.

Watch A Mother-Daughter Movie Together

Pick a classic that she loves or watch a new release. Choose something that’s relatable and that will give her a good dose of laughter.

Update Your Bucketlist

Since you have some time on your hands now, it’s best to use it to think about activities, holidays and adventures you’d like to tick off your bucket list with the woman who raised you. Spend time jotting down and planning your next trip or activity even if it might happen only a year from now.

Treat Her To A Gift Card

While it’s next to impossible to go out and treat her to a shopping spree, you can still treat her to a gift card that she can use later. Choose gift cards from Starbucks, Tanishq, Taj Experiences or vouchers from her favourite salon and spa.

Take A Dance or Fitness Class Together

Opt for an energetic dance session or a fitness class and get those endorphins going. Choose something that’s based on your mother’s fitness levels. If she’s a fitness enthusiast, choose a workout that she’s never done before and if she prefers something light and easy, opt for a yoga session or a line dancing workout.

Set Up A Surprise Party With The Family

Thanks to the latest in technology, you can now get the entire family together even though they might all be in different parts of the world. To make it more interesting, surprise her by getting everyone to sing her favourite song or enact a scene from a classic movie. You can also play interactive games and make this a memorable day for her.