Mother’s Day is round the corner, which means it's time to show your mother just how important she is to you. Though you might not be able to enjoy a salon session together or go out on a lunch date to her favourite restaurant this year, you can do something equally fun to make the day memorable. Ahead, we list out some thoughtful things you can do to celebrate your mother without leaving your home.

Give Her A Mani-Pedi

Give your mom a salon experience with your own DIY manicure and pedicure skills. Transform your home into a spa like setup, with dim lighting, scented candles and soothing music, and get to work on her tired feet. You can also give her a head massage before you start to help her relax.

Set Up A Virtual Dinner Date

Even if you aren't together during this time, you can still spend quality time with each other. We love the idea of a virtual dinner date, where you could both follow a new recipe in your kitchens and cook the same dish. Considering all the goof-ups that are bound to happen, we're sure you'll have lots of laughs as you get busy over the stove.

Gift Her Fine Jewellery

Jewellery is a classic and timeless gift for Mother's Day. Tata CLiQ's collection of elegant jewellery is delicate, dainty and a perfect everyday accessory for your mom. On this special day, give her a gift that is precious just like her.

Plan A Video call With All Her Childhood Friends

On Mother's Day, get her in touch with all her childhood friends. Set up a video conference calls with her besties from as back as her school and college days. She will love to see her old friends and will have an amazing time reliving good old memories.

Host A Netflix Marathon

Another great idea to try out for Mother's Day is hosting a Netflix movie party. Even if you aren't with your mom, you can still enjoy a movie together on Netflix. Pick your mom's favourite movie or try out a new one, while you both relax and enjoy with popcorn and coke. This feature also allows you to chat with each other and discuss about the movie simultaneously, just like how you would while watching together.

Make a video of her best moments

Give your mother a sweet surprise with some extra efforts.  Take time out and put together her old and new photographs to make beautiful video of the best moments of her life. From pictures with her girl gang at a college event to her first driving lessons, remind her of all big and small joys that she has experienced.

Give her a handmade card

A handmade card will always be one of the most meaningful gifts for Mother's day. Watch tutorials on how to make a pretty card creatively and write a heartfelt message for your mom. You can also ask everyone else in your family to write down messages for her. This will surely be a card she will keep treasured always.

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