A gift that is handmade is always unique. It takes a little extra effort but the love that goes into making it always creates something special. This Mother’s Day, though you can’t carry on with your usual celebrations, you can still make it memorable by gifting your Mom something that she will cherish always. From handmade cards to personalized gifts, there a lot of DIY gifts that are easy to make and guarantee a a smile on your mom's face. To get you started, we put together some of our all time favourite DIY gift ideas that's sure to be a sweet surprise.

DIY Care Package

Amidst all that mothers do for their families, it's very rare that they spend time taking care of themselves. That’s why a DIY care package is a perfect gift for Mother’s day. Some of the things you can add into the package are a DIY body scrub, face mask, handmade soaps, essential oil mix, sheet masks, scented candles etc.

Greeting Card

A handmade greeting card is a classic gift for every occasion. This Mother’s Day, instead of sending an e-card, get crafty and creative. Put together colourful papers and go through tutorials online to make a simple yet beautiful greeting card. Once it's ready, write down your personal message for her inside. We loved this idea shared by Beautiful Home and Garden.

Fold a blank card paper, trace and cut out the front side. Then, fill a sealable plastic bag with dried flowers or paper confetti. Use double-sided tape to secure the bag to the inside of the front cover to get this DIY confetti card ready.

A video from your family

Another fun idea is making a video with personal messages for your Mom from all your family members. All you need to do is ask people to shoot a video of them sharing the message and then compile it together in an online video editor. You can also add in her pictures with the family members and her favourite song in the background to make it interesting.

Picture Collage

A picture collage is a classic gift for Mother’s day. And you don’t even need to buy expensive frames to make that happen. Start off by shortlisting the pictures you want to use on the collage. It can be of your mom and all her favourite people or a ‘memory’ collage of all the best moments of her life. We love the easy way of hanging pictures on a string and decorating it with lights or macramé or any customized artwork that Shutterfly suggests.

Personalized notebook

A DIY themed notebook is a helpful gift for your mom if she uses one regularly to put down important things. With this gift, you can be as creative and design it to suit her personality. For this, wrap a new notebook with a printed or solid colored paper. You can then make paper cut outs and paste over it to make it interesting. You can either personalize it with her name or you can even write down her favourite phrases that she often uses. We found this design on Mod Podge Rocks, which is easy to make and works as a great gift.

Homemade cookie hamper

What’s better than cookies? Homemade cookies. Shower your mom with love and make a few batches of her favourite cookies. It could be an assortment of various types to make it even more delectable. Fill it in cute jars and decorate it with ribbons to give your Mom a delicious surprise.