Growing up, I remember imitating my mum's style in every possible way. From stepping into her beautiful heels that would make me feel on top of the world (even though I would trip over several times), to wrapping myself in her gorgeous saris that would make me feel like a princess, my mother has truly shaped my fashion sense. Moms are our real life superheroes and the best shopping buddies. I don't think we could do without them - especially when it comes to looking for that missing dress that only mom could find in a matter of seconds. We decided to talk to seven women from diverse fields, who have in some way or the other, been sartorially influenced by their mothers. From being their only role models while they were younger to being unknowingly influenced by their fashion sense over the years, our mothers have definitely had an impact on the way we dress. This Mother's Day, we pay tribute to our mothers and thank them for secretly influencing our fashion sense through the years.

Zardozi Lovin'

Anushka I’ve always found my mom to be my fashion inspiration – everything she wears is appreciated by her friends, our relatives, even the youngsters in the family. I’ve always admired the way she carries her clothes so effortlessly and gracefully. My favourite outfit of hers, though, is the rani pink lehenga she wore to her wedding. Covered entirely in silver zardozi work, it features delicate hand embroidery.
So, when I got engaged this April, I decided to pay homage to my mom’s fashion by wearing her wedding lehenga on my own wedding.
I plan to get the blouse and dupatta redone to modernise the look a little. However, the lehenga will remain the same. Nothing will give me greater pleasure than wearing my mom’s outfit on the most important day of my life. Untitled  

Textiles For The Win

Jahnabee I have consciously avoided looking for style inspiration from my mother. This is not to say that I didn't want to grow up to be as courageous and as fiercely independent as she is. She single-handedly brought up two kids, took part in car rallies and even in her 60s, works really hard as a doctor. She does not wear high heels, make-up or nail polish, never reads a fashion magazine and is too conservative for my sartorial taste. Also, dressing like her means being an older person or someone who does not 'understand style'. So I am someone who would never ask her mother for shopping tips or fashion advise.
But in my carefully constructed consciousness to NOT dress like her, I was unconsciously becoming like her -
I've become independent in my fashion choices - I've refused  to succumb to trends (#BeGoneWhiteSneakers), am moving away from fast fashion and taking baby steps to finding the courage to advocate mindful shopping and promoting Indian textiles. And just as my mother who wears a sari, mekhela-chador or kurta under her doctor's apron everyday, Indian wear and textiles are slowly gaining prominence in my wardrobe. j

The Prettiest Saris Are In My Mum's Closet

Rashmi My mother, no matter what the occasion, is always effortlessly well-dressed - simple yet elegant, but with her own pizzazz. Nothing embodies her style more than the sari. Ornate kanjeevarams, Banarasi silks with butta work, simple Mysore silks with gold zaris, Pochampally silks with floral motifs, summery Bengal cottons, breezy georgettes and chiffons; you name it and she’s got them all.
Carefully hand-picked to ensure that each one is a unique piece for its one-of-a-kind color combination or stand apart motif - her sari collection is truly enviable.
Nothing gives me immense joy than to go through the saris she has collected through the years. The 16-year-old me would have balked at the idea that my mother could have influenced my sartorial choices, but the 32-year old me delights in a well-draped sari, hoping I too can have a sari collection as hers. rashmi 1

Less Is Always More

Yannli As a hairstylist, my mother has sort of been in the fashion industry almost all her life and one would think that following fashion trends was a given for her. But that was surely not the case. She is simple and independent, and she loves sticking to simple and polished looks, tweaking it to suit her needs with little to no make-up. I'm just the opposite, I wouldn't dare to step out without my face done up and dressed to the nines (on most days). We were two opposite ends of a pole. This does not at all mean that I disregard her style in anyway, in fact most of my shopping sprees are with her and if not, her advise has always stuck with me.
While she advises me to choose simpler outfits I push her to be more daring with colours and prints and just like that somewhere over the years we've subconsciously met in the middle (well, almost).
She has been a massive inspiration to me when it comes to making fashion choices regardless of the current trends and shown me that fashion is comfort, simplicity and individuality. Over the years I've grown to understand just that. And slowly but surely my wardrobe has been changing to simple solids, sober prints and colours with a sprinkle of trends, of course. yann 1

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Kavisa My mom looks like Zeenat Aman - she's petite, with long, straight black hair. She loves fashion and dresses to be seen. If you’ve got it, flaunt it is her credo. Her one-shoulder wedding gown is still the best style statement I associate her with. She's still stylish and takes care of herself. She mostly wears dark shades of lipsticks in purple and browns, which I borrow all the time.
It was evident that her clothes were her creative expression. I guess I’ve inherited that from her.
She is a teacher, and the most important lesson she taught me was to be true to myself and pursue happiness. I was born obsessed with fashion, and her fashion choices definitely played an intrinsic part in influencing me to pursue it as a career. She tells me I started out young - parading in her clothes, tripping in her stilettos and trying on her jewellery. Her wardrobe was a good mix, and maybe that’s where my eclectic sense of fashion was born. The apple definitely didn’t fall too far away from the tree. kavisa 1

She's My Best Shopping Buddy

Rachael I strongly believe that daughters inherit their mother's style in some way or the other. For me, I can pretty much say that her innate fashion sense has most certainly seeped into me. One of my most vivid childhood memories is watching my mother get dressed up. She was very particular about everything and would always co-ordinate her outfits. She also knew how to stitch and always insisted I learn the skill too, for many a times she fixed her garments all by herself.
We happen to share the love for khadi silk garments and dainty pieces of jewellery. I rummage through her closet every now and then, and steal her gorgeous saris.
On most occasions when I've donned her saris I have always received compliments. Even now, I follow her fashion advice and her opinion on the way I dress. She is my best shopping buddy! rachael 1

All Things In Moderation"

Ayesha My mom is an artist, and a very pretty woman. She has a strong sense of self and believes that what you wear should be an expression of yourself rather than just following trends.
She believes in owning few classy pieces which can accentuate any regular outfit.
For example, she has this well-cut jacket which she has owned for 20 years now. She can wear it on anything and it instantly transforms her outfit. This tan piece of art has been my savior on most occasions as well. Who knew that this trend from the '80s could still work its charm now? Choices like these that my mom makes while shopping has taught me to buy less but invest in the best! ayesha 1 Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock