The monsoons are upon us, and that means making rain-friendly wardrobe choices. After all, soggy suits, damp jeans and squelching shoes make for a dishevelled looked. Instead switch to using water-resistant or quick-dry materials, and consider bolder colours. Here’s what you need to invest in for the monsoons:

Wear Bold Colours

Pick bolder and darker hues that are less likely to turn transparent or dirty during the season. This shirt from Weststreet by Westside is what you need when you have an important meeting to get to on a rainy day. It's made from polyester blended fabric that will dry quickly and still keep you looking stylish. Like this article? Also read: 5 Men's Style Trends That CLiQ in 2018, According To A Male Fashion Blogger

Choose lightweight fabrics

The same principle applies to your off duty wardrobe - a  plain white T-shirt is not an ideal pick for the monsoons, especially since it can turn transparent and lead to a wardrobe malfunction; instead invest in fabrics that dry quickly; this polyester blend polo T-shirt from Allen Solly is a great pick for the monsoons.

Invest in Cropped Trousers

Wearing trousers that are too long, and crease at ankle is always a sartorial no-no; this season, take the plunge and pick trousers that are cropped at the ankle. This pair of textured slim fit trousers from Allen Solly, made from a blend of quick-drying polyester and viscose, are perfect for the season.

Choose Lightweight Fabrics

This pair of track pants from Puma will make sure the rains do not get in the way of your morning run. Made from high quality polyester fabric, it's comfortable and just what you need to add to your active wear collection.

Choose the Right Footwear

Put away your leather shoes and step into a pair of monsoon-friendly shoes like this pair from Crocs. Featuring high quality material, it offers a firm-grip and maximum comfort. Like this article? Also read: The Sneakers That CLiQ in 2018, According to a Bona Fide Sneakerhead Image Courtesy: