The monsoons are finally here, and we couldn't be happier! The season has a special place in everyone's heart. Special mention for the Indian film industry here - their love for the monsoon season is very evident from the slew of rain-themed songs that have become chart-toppers over the years. You've heard these songs countless times before, but can you guess which songs we're talking about from their English translations? It's much harder than you might think.   Instructions:
  1. Place your mouse over the lyrics card to flip it over and reveal the name of the song.
  2. Click on the image card to go to the Youtube video for the song.
Flip-button-new 01 tip-tip-1
01 tip-tip
Flip-button-new 02 kate-nahi-1
02 kate-nahi
Flip-button-new 03 Bhaage-re1
03 Bhaage-re
Flip-button-new 04 Sanso-ko1
04 Sanso-ko
Flip-button-new Pyaar-Hua1
Flip-button-new 05 Barso-re1
05 Barso-re
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Flip-button-new 06 khawaboon-mein1
06 khawaboon-mein
Flip-button-new 07 idhar-chala1
07 idhar-chala
Flip-button-new 08 haal-di-ka1
08 haal-di-ka
Flip-button-new 09 Roti-kapda1
09 Roti-kapda
  So did you get a downpour or a drizzle of correct answers?


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