We're happy its finally pouring down on us. But we’re not happy to see the list of ailments that come with the rains. Infections, allergies, indigestion and a heap of other sicknesses are common in this wet weather. One way to keep sickness away in this weather, though, is by eating right. The wrong food choices can make you gloomier than the weather outside. So raid out your kitchen and get rid of these foods for the next few months.  

Leafy Vegetables

Most leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage and salad leaves are contaminated with grime and dampness, making them highly susceptible to germs. If you must eat them, make sure you wash and cook them thoroughly. Avoid consuming raw vegetables in general.  


The monsoons are breeding time for fish and other sea creatures, so most fisher folk as a rule avoid fishing during this season. So most of the seafood available during these months are not fresh and may cause you to get ill if it hasn’t been stored well.  

Fried Food

This may seem a contradiction to our conditioning since pakoras and chai are synonyms with the rainy weather. However, the truth is that eating oily and fried foods like samosas, fries and kachodis will cause indigestion, since the highly humid monsoon weather slows down the digestive process. This is why ailments like stomach upsets and bloating are common during this time of the year.  

Spicy and Heaty Food

The damp and humid weather conditions trigger the onset of skin infections. Consuming spicy and heaty foods stimulates the circulation and raises body temperature further, which aggravates the skin and worsens the infection.  

Street Food

Street food is your worst enemy this season. Even a salad or fruit juice can work against you since exposure to the humid monsoon air will also expose it to germs. Also, unhygienic handling practices make it more toxic to your system.


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