It’s that time of the year when we talk about the love-hate relationship with the weather. How about we help you pick a side and get you to love instead? Choosing the right rainy-day outfit can be tricky but we have got your back. This is the time to take yor mix-match skills to level next as you try on these combinations on those downpour days. Let’s do the Monsoon Math, shall we? 2 (1)

Dress over Pants

Go for a crop trouser length and choose the puddle-friendly culottes. The bell shaped silhouette does so much more than just flatter a tiny top. So take these lady-like pants, add a sassy shift dress, and ta da! 3

Work from Home "Maxi" Hours

When you nearly lost the battle of pulling yourself out of the cozy bed and still aren't off-duty, all you need is this! Snuggle in the jumper as you layer it over the printed maxi and look your #Lazyday best. Monsoon-story1

Quick Fix Shirt

Quick dry fabrics are beloved this season for absolute obvious reasons, unless you want to be all damp all day. Easy-breezy polyester button down when over denim shorty is oh-so-monsoon-stylish. Tried it yet? 5

Print Therapy

You don't have to give in to the doom and gloom. Fight the Monday blues and the monsoon greys with printed twos. Lay on a solid duster as you step out in the chills. 4

School Cool

Go short and take the hemlines up a notch. When pinafore meets athleisure-d baseball tee, it's a back to school moment.

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