Our relationship with monsoon in India is usually complicated. We love the rains and the greens, and we also fall for Bollywood’s version of a dreamy, romantic monsoon. It’s only when you venture out, even if that’s for a grocery run, you realize that it comes with a lot of wardrobe problems. From the fabrics and silhouettes to accessories and patterns, everything needs a refresh to help us sail through rainy days.

If you thought you would have to compromise on style, you are about to be relieved. Our fashion guide for the season is carefully curated with tips and picks that will help you brave the monsoon in style. Scroll through to shop our finds.

Make way for cotton and crepe fabric

Crepe makes for an excellent fabric for rainy days, just like polyester. It's light and gets dried up quickly if you ever get drenched in the rain. It keeps you comfortable and is also easy to maintain. Monsoon in India also brings in high humidity, which means you need breathable natural fabric too. And what's better than a good cotton or cotton linen blend to keep you comfortable through these days.

Ditch skinny jeans for wide legged trousers

Your classic skinny jeans maybe your wardrobe basic, but it's not the best monsoon wear. Denim is a thick fabric and takes a lot of time to dry up. Swap your denims for wide-legged trousers, palazzos and slim pants that are a lot more relaxed and comfortable.

Keep your outfit light and comfortable

Another style rule to follow during the monsoon is keeping your outfit light. Staying comfortable is of utmost importance, so avoid layering your clothing too much. It's only going to make you feel uneasy if you get caught in the rain. Avoid heavy embroidery and go for simple and hassle-free outfits to ace the season in style.

Opt for shorter hemlines

To avoid mud stains on your long pants and skirt, it's always better to choose clothes with a shorter hemline. Say hello to culottes, shorts and midi skirts that is going to be your go-to bottom wear for this season. Pair them with tees, tops and tunics for an easy breezy monsoon style statement.

Swap neutral shades with bright hues

A colourful wardrobe is the easiest way to style up on rainy days. Monsoon brings its own share of gloomy clouds and your outfit need not add to that. So keep away all your neutral shirts and tees and bring out vibrant hues to set the right vibe. Bring out prints and patterns too, to give your outfit a vibrant update.

Faux leather bags are made for this season

Faux leather is made of Vinyl, which is waterproof. We all love our leather bags but come monsoon, they need to be stored well to avoid any damage. Carry along faux leather totes, sling bags and handbags that will be your happy companion during rainy days. We especially love the ones with a glossy finish that doesn’t let water seep in at all.

Store away fitted clothes

Styles that cling to your body cause a lot of uneasiness when you get wet in the rain. As a rule of thumb, during monsoon in India, choose loose fitted clothes to keep yourself extremely comfortable. Instead of long sleeves, opt for off-shoulders and shorter sleeves, so there is enough air passage to dry you up quickly.

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