Monsoon season in India is a much-awaited break from the glistening heat of summer. Every Indian city sees monsoon in its full swing by mid-July and while we all love the rainy season, we cannot escape the laundry troubles that come along. Though we all stick to wearing monsoon-friendly fabrics that dry up quickly and cause less inconvenience, it’s important to take extra good care of our clothes to save them from moisture related issues. You might carry an umbrella all the time, wear a raincoat or windcheater and get a rain check (literally) before heading out, but every once in a while, you get caught in the rain ending up with wet clothes. Here are some quick monsoon fabric care tips to keep in mind to keep your clothes safe this season.

Use scented liquid detergent

No matter how well you wash your clothes, there is always a damp odour that lingers even when the clothes are dried. To avoid that, add scented detergents, preferably liquid ones, to give your clothes a fresh smell.

Wash clothes immediately

If you have a habit of piling up your laundry in your laundry bag or in the washing machine, avoid doing that during the monsoon as the chances of fungal growth and bacterial infections are high during the season. Wash your clothes immediately to keep your clothes safe.

Use vinegar or baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda are good disinfectants and can be added into the water before soaking your clothes or in the washing machine. This will ensure that your clothes are cleaned thoroughly, and that damp smell is tackled well.

Avoid placing them one over the other to dry

Getting your clothes dried in the sun is not always possible during the rainy season. Instead, you can place them under the fan to dry it overnight or through the day. However, the rule of thumb is to never place it one over the other. This will not only delay the drying but also give rise to a damp smell.

Place a bag of rice or salt in the room

Salt and rice are known to soak in the moisture content in the air. Place a bag of salt/rice in the room where you usually put your clothes to dry. This will help in drying your clothes faster.

Light up scented candles or incense sticks

The room where you place your clothes to dry is usually damp causing the clothes to smell even after drying. A good hack is to place a scented candle or incense stick to a drive away any bad odour from the room.

Place Neem leaves or camphor balls

A good tip that has been used since ages is placing neem leaves in the wardrobe to keep your dry clothes fresh. Another alternative is using camphor balls to keep away the moisture and bad odour from your stacked clothes. Image courtesy -