Like Donald Trump’s politically incorrect tirade or the next viral Modi meme, Monday morning blues are inevitable. Then there are times when your customary Starbucks latte is just not doing the trick and there is not enough coffee in the world to help you kick into your #LadyBoss mode. We get your pain, fellow comrade, and so we have compiled a list of quick-fixes to help get through the goddamn day. Keep calm and carpe diem.

Pan-tone up the colour

Pantone serenity rose quartz 2016 colour of the year Darth Vader makes a compelling argument for the dark side but you don’t have to channel his spirit. Refrain from an all-black-everything outfit and instead choose a happy hue to cheer up. Fight the blues and beat them at their own game with Pantone’s colour of 2016—a light powder blue named Serenity. If glass-half-full is your thing then the happier, Barbie-approved mineral pink, Rose Quartz is calling you. An especially terrible case of mean Monday reds, though, can only be defeated with the combined forces of the two.

Take a fashion shower

Anna Dello Russo, self-professed guardian of fashion, is best known for coining the term “fashion shower”. What’s that, you ask? Well, momma Russo believes that even the worst cases of blues can be cured with a little dressing up. We second that #TriedAndTested. Yes, fashion rules are made to be broken, but a quick session of dress-up is in order when those spirits need some cheering.

Put on a happy face

The odds of waking up early on a Monday morning are the same as that of Bernie Sanders winning the presidential elections – bleak. When you don’t wake up looking as flawless as Beyoncé and realise that life doesn’t come with pretty filters to make you look flawless, turn to make-up to save the day (and your face). Winged eyeliner requires some amount of dexterity and you can do that in under five minutes then more power to you. However, we’re more partial towards bright lipstick. A pop of fuchsia never hurt anyone.

30 second dance party

Christina Yang (from Grey’s Anatomy) is an inspiration to every woman worth her salt—she is fierce, flawless and all-in-all a complete badass. But even Yang has her low moments. What is noteworthy, though, is her solution of fighting off the blues. Enter the 30 second dance party. Start your morning moving to your favourite jam (no one’s judging if this is Hotline Bling). Nothing like those endorphins to keep you going through the day. Take that, Monday!