Your mother’s kitchen will always hold those fond memories of you frying your first egg and baking your first cake. But we’ve come a long way from those stove and OTG-using days. Our homes have gotten smarter and so have our kitchen appliances. Here’s are a few modern kitchen appliances to own that will make cooking more convenient.
Microwave oven
Morphy Richards MWO 23MCG 23L Convection
You can use this multipurpose cooking gadget to make curries, bake lasagnes and cakes, grill veggies and a lot more. Having it around makes warming and thawing food convenient than using the old stove to do so. No one will have to starve if your stove is out of order either, as the microwave can be your backup cooking appliance. Also Read: Why Owning A Microwave Is As Important As Owning A Toothbrush
Air fryer
philips air fryer
This appliance will be the biggest differentiating factor between the food that comes out from your mum’s kitchen and yours. Those piping hot pakoras will always be a welcome sight. But while the old-school frying will bring along all that dripping oil, snacks fried in an air fryer will present to you the same fried food minus the grease.
Inalsa Econo Cook 1600 Watts Induction Cooktop
No need to struggle with a gas cylinder or pipeline installation to own an open flame when you can use an electrical cooktop to cook your food. This is also less hazardous than a traditional stove.
Roti maker
Nova N-124-CCC 900 Watt Roti Maker
Skip toiling away trying to make those round rotis like your mother and grandmother did. Hold on to this modern kitchen appliance that will do the hard work for you.
Bajaj Presto XL Chopper
Modern kitchen appliances are all about making your work in the kitchen less hectic; like this veggie chopper! Just leave those onions and other vegetables and spin the blade to get finely chopped veggies in minutes.
Cold press juicer
Kent KC-SJ502 Cold Pressed Juicer
The difference between a regular and a cold press juicer is that the latter has a slow processing machine that produces healthier juices. And knowing this why would you still be drinking juices made in a regular one that has lost its nutrients within minutes of the juicing in comparison to a cold press juicer. Cover Image Courtesy:

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