When my parents decided I no longer needed a nanny at the age of 10, their real concern was not that I wasn’t responsible of taking care of myself but more about how will I go through the day eating cold food.

All that changed when we bought our first microwave about two decades ago. With this new tech wonder in the house I no longer had to discipline myself to make it through a meal in one go. I could eat in intervals, reheat my food every single time and still enjoy it hot and hearty.

Now when I think of it, I wonder how did people ever get away without a microwave around. I mean, there’s only so many times you can turn on the stove to reheat the tea you’ve forgotten about. Not when you have a microwave though! Here’s what makes this appliance such a basic necessity to have at home.

Easy Reheating

Once you have the right microwave-friendly dishes, reheating food is just a matter of pushing buttons and then waiting for a few minutes if not seconds. Reheating food just warms it up and doesn’t overcook or change the flavours. In fact, if you use heat-friendly plates and bowls, you can eat in the same one without having to change vessels like you’d have to when using the cooktop to reheat. Less effort, quick result and hot food, now that’s a level up.

Quick Thawing

Thawing meat and other frozen foods from the freezer can take long. But with a microwave around you can ease this process in a matter of a few minutes.

Proven to retain nutrients when cooking

Boiling or heating food on a stove often causes loss of vital nutrients. However, since the proteins don’t brown out in a microwave, nutrients are less likely to be destroyed due to oxidation.

Lesser use of oil

When cooking Indian curry dishes you need not use the same amount of oil you’d use otherwise. You can cook the same curry with little oil. This makes it a healthy cooking option.

Allows time control

Using a microwave allows you to control cooking time which makes sure your food isn’t overcooked or burned. Set your time right and let the milk and tea boil without you having to watch over it like a hawk.

Back up cooking option

Even if you prefer to cook all your meals on the stove, the microwave always remains as a great back up option when you run out of gas in the cylinder.

Doesn’t heat up the kitchen

Cooking on open flame causes a lot heat, smoke and grease in the kitchen. The increase in room temperature then makes it difficult for you to finish the rest of your kitchen chores. This problem can be skipped when using a microwave.

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You might not be able to use a microwave to cook everything but it makes things a lot more convenient in the kitchen.

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