Microwaves have changed how we consume food. In most cases, the food needs to be enjoyed right after it is cooked. Even if you were to reheat it with the conventional methods, it would take you a lot of effort and won't give you a great result every time. When a microwave entered the kitchen for the first time, it changed all of that soon.

Now, most of your favourite dishes can also be savoured easily hours after they're cooked - thanks to microwaves. But what’s beautiful is that it not only helps in reheating but also helps in cooking food! From pies to coffee, and a lot of stuff in between can be made in a microwave. So to help you make the most of your microwave, here are some tips and tricks that will unleash its full-cooking potential.

Steam your veggies

Put your vegetables in a microwave-safe bowl, add some water to it and cover it with plastic wrap. Now simply put this in your microwave and enjoy steamed veggies!

Get more juice

If you didn’t know, microwaving a lemon or lime for 10 seconds can help get a little bit more juice from it.

Quickly peel your garlic

Peeling garlic is a cumbersome job and surely something we don't mind spending less time doing. Turns out, heating garlic in microwaves for about 20 seconds will make the cloves easily slide out of their covers!

Cook corn-on-the-cob

Who doesn’t like eating boiled corn during the delightful monsoon? But if making one was a deterrent until now, you’d be happy to know a microwave can cook a cob for you too!

Scrambled eggs in a flash

While cooking eggs in a microwave might not ever match the taste you may get while cooking them on a stove, it’s a great alternative when you’re running out of time. Whip eggs with a little milk, cheese and herbs in a coffee mug and put it in the microwave for about 3 minutes. Stop halfway to stir it once, and that’s all you need to do for breakfast in a flash. I’m a chef, mom!

Toast ‘em nuts

Toasting nuts intensifies their flavours and make for healthy snacks too. So the next time you're out of them simply spread put them in the microwave and heat for about 5-7 minutes.

Clean potting soil

I know, this isn’t related to food at all but it’s still a pretty useful hack. Packing moist soil in a paper bag and heating it in a microwave can clean it of all diseases and germs. I’d only suggest you undertake this if your soil is infected as this process might also kill good bacteria.

De-crystallize honey

Over time liquid honey turns into a semi-solid form. To get it back to the liquid form, simply open up the bottle and keep it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Voila!

Don’t use square containers

To evenly heat or cook food, avoid using square containers. It is recommended not to use them as the corners tend to receive more energy. Hence, it's better to use a circular container for even treatment.

Dry herbs in your microwave

Using a microwave instead of an oven for drying herbs can get you to the desired results quickly. Put the washed, dried and de-stemmed herbs on a tissue and heat it for 30 seconds at a time. Flip after 30 seconds and continue doing this for up to 2-4 minutes depending on which herb you are drying.

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