Despite their wide range of features, quite often we do not see more than one use for the appliances in our home. Take our kitchen, for example. The humble microwave in most of our kitchens gets used mainly for one primary purpose – re-heating food. However, it is capable of a lot more. Don’t believe us? Check out these ultra-useful microwave hacks that will change your life.

Make entire meals in a minute

Rather than just reheating meals that have already been cooked, microwaves can excel at making entire meals – much faster than other appliances in your kitchen. TATA Q brings delicious, heat-n-eat meals that only take a minute to go from packed to plated. At budget prices and with a wide range of cuisines on offer - from Italian to Indian and Chinese - with TATA Q, your microwave can become the only cooking appliance you’ll ever need.


Heat leftovers with a cup of water

Heating leftovers in a microwave doesn’t have to make them dry. Just place a cup of water along with the food in the microwave. Pro tip – if your chips have gone soggy, just heat them in the microwave with a paper tissue to make them crispy again, using the same feature.

Get more juice from citrus fruits

Most of us juice our citrus fruits like lemons straight out of the refrigerator. A better way to get more juice out of them is by microwaving them to a slightly warm level before squeezing. This thaws the frozen membranes and makes the juice expand inside the fruit, making it easier to extract.


Peel veggies easily

Nobody enjoys peeling onions and garlic cloves. Microwaves can make it easier to do that by drying up the outer layer in just 10-15 seconds. After that, the peel should come off with minimal effort.

Ripen bananas faster

If waiting for raw bananas to ripen is not an option, a microwave can be helpful. Just 30 seconds to 2 minutes in a microwave after the skin has been thoroughly poked through can bring a banana to ripeness.  

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