While all the Apples and Samsungs of the world will ask for a good part of your savings for their flagship phones, Xiaomi offers its model to you at a fraction of that cost. What is a flagship after all, but a smartphone with great quality specs? And when you can get these features in a phone at a fraction of the cost, from a reputed brand, what’s stopping you from choosing the latter? The brand in focus is obviously Xiaomi, and the phone is it’s Redmi Note 4, which has been holding its position as the budget king for almost a year now. Overall, this is a well-rounded phone with everything you’d ever want for in terms of specifications. Here’s why it makes it to my wish list. Also Read: Xiaomi Edit: More Than Just a Smartphone Brand

Kudos to The Battery Life

While the new Samsung S8+ boasts of a 3300mAh battery and the super expensive iPhone X comes with 2716mAh battery, the Redmi Note 4 is way ahead of these two flagships. This phone comes with a large 4,100mAh battery that will keep you juiced up for hours or even days. With this phone, you’ll never worry about finding a charging point ever again.

Xiaomi Does Not Settle When It Comes to Performance

Even though the Redmi Note 4 is a budget buy, Xiaomi has not compromised on the quality of the hardware. Many low-priced smartphones and Chinese smartphones are known to use a low-quality MeidaTek processor, but not Xiaomi. Almost all Xiaomi smartphones run on a Snapdragon processor, which is considered one of the best. The Redmi Note 4 too runs on the Snapdragon 625 processor, which can be seen in higher-end Vivo and Moto phones.

Trust the Camera for Instagram-Worthy Pictures

The camera is one of the biggest upgrades to the Redmi Note 4. It comes with a 13-MP camera that takes sharp photos. It also has the HDR technology that gives you colours that are close to real life. The front camera is a 5-MP shooter that can click wide angle shots extended to 85-degress so that you capture not only yourself but the pretty background too. The camera of this phone might not be the talk of the town but it will definitely bring you those likes on your social media pages.

It Gives You Great Value for The Price

The Redmi Note 4 comes in three variants, a 2GB RAM and 32GB storage model, a 3GB RAM and 32GB storage model and a 4GB RAM and 64GB storage model. The last one being the most expensive among the three and yet costs around the Rs 10,000 mark. You can also use a micro SD card to increase the storage to up to 128GB. This phone also supports dual SIM and 4G VoLTE. If all these features are on your wish list too, this one is a total winner. Catch this phone on Tata CLiQ at a further price drop right now! Buy the Redmi Note 4 here. Also Read: Do It Better Than A Celeb: In Hoops Cover image via GearBest