Xiaomi is a brand that has been able to captivate users globally. Their smartphones have stood the test of time and continue to garner a fan base. Rightly so, Mi is a brand that gets just what the user needs and presents it on a price platter that suits every budget. So, when the company ventured into other products like the air purifiers, power banks and headphones, people were open to trying their products. Now, it has launched its first ever Wi-Fi router, touting it as a smart router, and we can't wait to get our hands on one. The Mi 3C router is white in colour, making it a pleasant looking gadget for the home. As simple as it may look, the router is capable of some pretty smart and powerful functions, though. Also Read: Why We Can’t Get Enough of Xiaomi

Equipped with 4 High Performance Antennas

The Mi 3C has four high-gain antennas, two that transmit and two that receive signals. Together they form a strong wireless network that can reach the far corners of your home or a small-sized office. Expect an increased operating range and good signal that can be easily transmitted through walls and rooms for seamless web browsing. mi router 1

Supports Upto 300Mbps with 802.11n

The router has 64MB of RAM (eight times more than a typical router) that can offer wireless speed of up to 300Mbps. However, it does not have a dual band, it features 802.11n connectivity on a single band with 2.4GHz frequency. Also Read: 15 Styles Under Rs 1,500 From The Now & Wow Sale

Smart features

The highlight of the Mi 3C router is the smart features it brings to the device. The router gives you total control over its functioning, with the Mi Wi-Fi app that you can install on your iPhone or Android smartphone. On initial installation, the app guides you through a series of steps to place your wireless (SSID) name and passwords, making setting up the router easy for an unfamiliar user too. Once you connect to your Mi Cloud account, you can control the router from anywhere, using an internet connection. This lets you monitor your network from afar, alerting you if any new device connects to your router at any point. You can also monitor your network users, check usage and devices that are consuming your network, and also cut off the internet for a particular device. Such complete control on your router gives you absolute power to monitor it, which is not an option you get with traditional routers. mi router Additionally, the Mi 3C router makes upgrading firmware safer, helps you connect to 64 wireless devices at the same time and also features a built-in parental control option to restrict access to websites. These features make this Mi 3C router a better choice over a conventional router for home usage, or even if you have a small office space. The price of Rs 1,199 further makes it an economical buy. You can check out the router and other Xiaomi devices here. Also Read: How to Get the Most Out of Your Yoga Session

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