While cellular internet has improved a lot in recent years, it is nearly impossible to survive on the internet from your smartphone alone. Be it home or office, WiFi connectivity is a must, which is what makes it essential for the quality of WiFi to be great. However, between your laptops, smartphones, TV, gaming console and more, your standard router is probably already too stressed. This brings us to the newest way to bring WiFi home – with mesh WiFi.

What is Mesh WiFi?

A typical WiFi setup has a single router at its centre. This router takes the signal from a modem or a direct line from your ISP and broadcasts it to WiFi-enabled devices in your home – or tries its best to. One of the biggest areas where a traditional router fails is coverage. Your router might have been the best for you when you got it, but if you’ve since moved into a bigger space, you’re probably experiencing dead zones – areas with no WiFi coverage.

Mesh WiFi overcomes the drawbacks of traditional WiFi by introducing multiple access devices, or ‘nodes’ into the network. While each node is a distinct device that extends WiFi coverage, on the same network all mesh devices have the same SSID and password, keeping you connected seamlessly.

What are the advantages of Mesh WiFi?

While it may seem like overkill, to begin with, mesh WiFi is gaining popularity for the several benefits it comes with. Some factors that we think you should consider are:
  • Reliable coverage: Without switching networks, you can get coverage throughout your home and even in nearby outdoor areas.
  • Consistent speeds: With more access points and technology like adaptive routing, you don’t lose speed as you move away from the main router.
  • Smart home connectivity: The increasing number of internet-connected devices in our homes calls for more access points, which mesh networks provide.
  • Self-healing: When one node goes down, your network automatically reroutes traffic through another node to ensure continued connectivity.
  • Extendibility: In case you need to improve connectivity while you’re already on a mesh-network, all you need to do is add a node, instead of replacing the whole network.

A network cost

Mesh WiFi isn’t new. When you’re connected seamlessly to a single airport WiFi network across the several acres of Mumbai airport, you’re experiencing mesh WiFi in action. However, they’ve been available for the end-user only recently.

The way it’s picking up popularity, it is going to be the standard way to access WiFi quite soon, especially with connected homes going mainstream. When the time comes to pick one, look for something that has an easy-to-use control panel and allows additions seamlessly to make your life easier.

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