The beginning of a new year is the most aspirational time of the year. It gives you a new start and some hope that you can take on the next 365 days of chaos with better enthusiasm. But it takes more than just hope to make a difference. It takes a relaxed mind to tackle the daily shenanigans that come our way. Mediation is a powerful tool to calm you down and boost your mental strength. It has been proved to beat stress, anxiety and sleeping problems. It can also bring some ease with serious conditions like depression and chronic pain. Many health practitioners recommend meditation in treatment programs because a healthy mind is key to an overall healthy you. The virtue of learning how to breath and relax, gained by this mindful practice will help you reconnect with yourself and find a sense of peace. And you don’t even need a plan or class to get started. There are meditation apps available for every kind of practitioner. These will guide you through the process of learning to meditate.
headspace This is a great app for beginners starting their meditative journey. Their level one course comprises of a 10-minute meditation session each day. It is a guided session that helps you focus better. You can set alerts on this app which will remind you to take some time out to meditate. Eventually level one aspires to get you in the habit of meditating regularly. Once you’re confidant you’ve accomplished this level, you can purchase the subscription that gives you access to more features. Download: For Android, for iOS Also Read: Digital Detox: 5 Apps to Relieve Us of Our Biggest Addiction, The Internet!
calm As the name suggests, this app is about setting a calmness in your mind. It starts the user with a seven-day program where you can choose to meditate with sounds and scenes of nature to keep you visually focused when you’re at it. It also lets you choose the amount of time you wish to put into this practice. It also has a guided and unguided session so you can choose your preference. Additionally, they also have a seven-day sleep program for people facing sleep problems. Download: For Android, for iOS
The mindfulness app
the mindfullness app This app is great for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. It claims to help the user become more present in their daily lives. They have a five day guided practice and an introduction to mindfulness. You can also choose between a guided and silent meditation sessions which ranges from 3 to 30 minutes. This app has reminders and a way to track your statistics. Download: For Android, for iOS
omvana This app gives you access to meditational sounds, music and guided sessions with experts. You can choose a focus ranging from mindfulness, stress, relaxation, sleep and more. You can also pick your sessions time from 3 to 30 minutes whatever works best for you. An interesting thing about this app is that it has a background music mixer that lets you mix your music and create a perfect session for yourself. Download: For Android, for iOS
Wildflower mindfulness
wildflower meditation This fun and engaging app blends guided meditation and resilience activities with mood and heart rate tracking to embark on this journey of mindfulness. They have themed meditation sessions that are clinically proven to reduce stress. They use a new technology using the camera of your phone to measure you heart rate before and after a session. It also uses a unique mood tracker that analyses your mood and generates a personalized meditation suggestion to make you feel your best. Download: For Android, for iOS Images via Google Play Store