We’ll always remember 2017 to be the year when top smartphone companies went skinnier, especially with their top smartphone models. If you haven’t got your hands on a bezel-less smartphone yet, we'll make things a bit easier for you with these fine offerings. Oh, there are a few nifty tips added in too, you know, to take the experience over the bezel! Here are three of my favourite picks, and the necessary tricks to make the most for each of them.

Apple iPhone X

Let’s begin with the one smartphone that everyone probably wants, but the bank account says ‘nah’. The iPhone X is without a doubt one of the most desirable smartphone ever created. It is also Apple’s first proper bezel-less device. Did you know that you could effortlessly access the Control Centre at will? Simply rest your finger on the battery icon (on the top right-hand side of the screen) and slide all the way down. It’s that simple. The X is also an amazing device for shooting images and videos. The juicy bit is that you can now record in full 4k glory at 60fps. You’ll need to head to Settings>Camera>Record Video and change the default 1080p@30fps recording settings to 4K@60fps. There, you’re one step closer to shooting that blockbuster you’ always dreamt of. Also Read: 5 Unique Features of the iPhone X that No Other iPhones Have

Google Pixel 2 XL

When it comes to the Android side of things, the Google Pixel 2 XL offers the neatest experience on a smartphone. I absolutely love the stock Android look with Google’s latest OS in the Oreo 8.0 avatar, but there are a few tricks that will elevate your stock Android experience even further. Apart from offering a stunning 6-inch, 18:9 ratio P-OLED display that packs in a screen resolution of 1440 x 2880 pixels (538 ppi density), the Google Pixel 2 XL supports the squeeze feature too, using which you can wake up the Google Assistant. Head to Settings>Active Edge and you can enable or disable this feature. You can even adjust the amount of pressure you are comfortable with to invoke the squeeze feature. Neat, eh? With smartphones getting taller, accessing the upper part of the screen does get tricky, especially when you have a sandwich in one hand, you know. However, you can quickly access your notification tray via the fingerprint scanner on the back of the device. Go straight to Settings>System>Languages and hit Advanced in the Input and Gestures area. Next tap on ‘Swipe Finger’ for notifications. And boom! You can get back to enjoying that sandwich now as you tackle notifications with the power of a single finger.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Yet another stunner of a smartphone from Samsung, the S8 is worth drooling over, not just because it's feature- and performance-packed, but because its pricing is neat too. Now that you’ve purchased the smartphone and are done gawking at it, it’s time to take advantage of that sinfully gorgeous curved edge, using which you can invoke a host of functions and access your favourite apps and contacts in a jiffy. See that tab on the screen’s right-hand edge? Swipe in as you press down on it to access shortcuts to the apps you use most. Another swipe and the S8 will pull out your favourite contacts. One final swipe and the Smart Select features will make their presence felt. Using these, you can choose one of the many options to take a screenshot. You can even use the edge for checking on the weather or to keep a tab on live sports. Samsung pre-bundles a neat array of Edge Panels when you buy the phone. Psst, you can even check on your calendar or quickly turn on the torch, if you mysteriously get stuck in an Upside-Down world. Aren’t all these smartphones stunning with their wide screens and unique new features? Go ahead and make one of these bezel-less beauties your own. Find more smartphones here. Also Read: #NowAndWow: The Cutest Dress For Your Daughter’s Next Play Date

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