The right watch-to-outfit pairing can make or break your look. Especially since wristwatches have never been merely utilitarian. What you flaunt on your hand says a lot about who you are as a person. The final flourish to your outfit needs proper attention as you don’t want to scale the heights of sexy and then trip. These sleek smartwatches are not only high on the functional side, they are versatile and fashion forward. These watches are classy yet bold with large dials, distinct slim lugs and are available in a variety of different straps.There are four things that you need to take into consideration before deciding what kind of watch you are going to wear - the occasion (formal or informal), your planned outfit (business or casual), the mood (festive or solemn), and lastly the shoes you will be wearing. Your watch MUST always complement your shoes.


Starting with the iconic stainless steel look, this watch leans toward the formal side of things. If you need to get dressy with a suit and tie, strap this one on to complete the look. Make sure you switch to a formal watch face (roman numerals preferably) if you really mean business.


The all-black body give it a classy, stealth edge that also provides great versatility. You can wear it to work during the day with a formal outfit and keep it on as you slip into partywear at night.

Smart Casuals:

With its active, sporty vibe; this watch is great for the times when you need to be up and about. Trips to the supermarket? Gym time? No problem. This watch can even match well with shorts and a casual t-shirt.


If you are a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, the leather strap is your best buddy. Reminiscent of the everyday watch, this one is perfect for unwinding over a lazy brunch in your linen shirts and khakis and leather sandals. Image courtesy: