Your laundry basket spilling over is a nasty reminder that you need… An assistant? New clothes? A bigger basket? Wrong answer! But we feel you. You just need a little help in the laundry department. No one wants to spend Saturday bent over dirty clothes - separating whites from colours, removing stains and reading washing instruction labels. But someone’s gotta do it, right? So you might as well master these neat laundry hacks that will make washing day a breeze.

handy ingredients Handy ingredients

You’ll never believe what these mundane items can do for your laundry.


Washing whites? Add this to your wash load to keep them looking bright.

Hand sanitizer:

This works like magic on ink stains. Squirt some on the stain, wait 10, wash. Voila!

Baby powder:

Had a butter chicken accident? Dab the powder generously and watch it soak up the stain.

Lemon juice:

Squeeze that lemon on those armpit stains along with equal parts of water, and rub!

White vinegar:

Add a cup of white vinegar into the washing machine for a fresher load of laundry.

Pepper powder:

Add a tablespoon of pepper to your wash load to keep colours from fading.

temperatureTemperature basics

Hot water:

Perfect for bath towels and wash cloths as well as heavily stained items.

Cold water:

Perfect for delicates, knits and garments that might shrink or lose colour.

Warm water:

Perfect for whites as well as light coloured garments. must haves

Forget me nots

Care labels:

Follow the instructions on them and your clothes really will last longer. P.S. If you can, avoid buying garments with ‘Dry Clean Only’ labels.


Measure the right quantity of detergent. Too much or too little can prevent stain removal or cause your clothes to wear out.

Hand wash:

As much as the thought might put you off, silk, rayon and delicate cottons must be washed by hand.


Save your washing machine a lot of trauma by pre-soaking and rinsing garments that have been worn for outdoor sports or trekking.

Tub clean:

Once a month, run the Tub Clean feature on your washing machine or simply run an empty wash cycle with two caps of liquid chlorine bleach.

when to wash The ‘When to Wash’ guide

  • Jeans: After five wears
  • Tops: After one or two wears
  • Dresses: After one or two wears
  • Skirts/ Trousers: After three wears
  • Jackets: After five or six wears
  • T-shirts/ Tanks: After every wear
  • Sportswear: After every wear
  • Swimwear: After every wear
  • Bras: After two or three wears
  • Underwear: After every wear
  • Socks: After every wear
  • Night wear: After three to four wears
P.S. If it’s not yet time to wash the garment, let it air outside before putting it away.