December is here which also means winter is approaching and to avoid layering that same oversized jacket over your outfits year after year, up your style game and learn how to layer your outfits like a pro! From picking out the right layers to pairing it with appropriate textured fabrics and prints, we've got you the low-down from one of the most sought-after Bollywood stylists in India - Divyak D'souza. His tips are sure to help you get ready for the cool weather while keeping in mind your fashion sense.  Known for his unique style and his love for all things fashion, here's what he has to say:

1. What Are The Key Layering Essentials One Should Own?

I believe in investing in classic pieces for my wardrobe that transcend seasons and trends. The key pieces for me would be a neutral coloured blazer, a dressy leather jacket, a denim trucker jacket in a versatile colour like sandy beige and a comfortable sporty hoodie with a hint of color or neon accents is always a good idea. It also makes for a great travel and athleisure style. Also, an unlined trench coat with a tailored yet fluid silhouette works as a great layering option to elevate any look. Shop them here.

2. What Are Your Tips On Putting Together The Perfect Desk To Dinner Layered Look?

Typically when we think of work wear, we think of tailored and minimal pared down looks. For men, a great addition to their formal wear is the relaxed variant of a blazer made from linen or a chino fabric.  If you have the bandwidth to change your footwear, opt for a pair of cool sneakers. The whole idea of styling your suit and blazer with sneakers is to liven up its formal look. For women, a dressy statement leather jacket is an absolute must-have! Also, adding a statement accessory, a bright red lip colour or styling your hair can glam up your look in an instant. You can also switch your bulky tote bag with a sleek sling bag. But make sure you don't add too many accessories to your look. Keeping it minimal and easy can take you from desk to dinner effortlessly.

3. What Do You Think Are The Common Mistakes People Make While Layering?

As a person who works in fashion, my biggest mantra is that there are really no rules as such. As clichéd as it may sound - when you feel good, you automatically look good. When your outfit or your makeup makes you feel nice, you  radiate confidence through your look. I think a lot of people do not understand their body type and that's where they go wrong. Very often people who think they're not the "ideal" size freely assume that fashion is not for them and don't have the option to dress up well. But that is the big myth here. Right now the scenario we're in and with the options that brands are putting out, there is something available for everybody. So, identifying your body type is the first rule to achieving a better fashion sense which will eventually make you aware of investing in the right layers and silhouettes for yourself. Secondly, most people tend to forget the aspect of functionality. To get your layered look right, understanding functionality is of utmost importance. You need to keep in mind the weather and the event you have to be at. If you happen to be in a really cold environment, adhereing to leather, wool and corduroy will work great. Whereas if you're looking to layer your outfit in a city like Mumbai, choose relaxed silhouettes and light cotton layers. I also think people do not experiment much when it comes to layering. Don't be afraid to mix it up with different lengths. For eg. a short blouse with a long jacket, a kurta with a short jacket. Also, have fun clashing colours, textures and prints.

4. What Are Your Favourite Layering Pieces From Your Wardrobe And Why?

I live in Mumbai and honestly, we really have no scope to play around with winter layers. But whenever I can, my navy blazer has got to be my go-to layer for anything. I usually pick an unlined, two button blazer made from cotton fabric. It's super versatile and perfect to dress up or down when needed. Apart from this, my shawl collared long jackets are super comfortable and perfect for brunch or an easy airport look. Also, for when I'm travelling, my suede and shearling aviator jacket is super functional and comfortable. It has this certain kind of retro-vintage vibe to it and feels great too!

5. Are There Certain Colours That Work Great While Layering?

If you're trying this out for the first time, pick out earthy and fail-safe neutral hues - navy blue, black, grey, beige. Once you've invested in your classic and basic layering pieces, you can invest in vibrant jackets and colours you like. Explore more here.  

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